Be Kind To The Environment And Buy An Eco-Friendly Designjet Printer

With advancements in technology, in today’s market there are printers that are environmentally friendly. This article will explore what is available to clients and the associated benefits.


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HP Designjet L26500

HP Designjet L26500 is a great choice for attracting environmentally conscious clientele with its accurate, unattended, double-sided, eco-friendly printing. This printer enables you to undertake a wider range of indoor and outdoor applications – including temporary textiles – with faster turnaround times and prints that come out to dry. It also enables you to print on a broad spectrum of materials including textiles, vinyl, film, paper, as well as low-cost uncoated options. This printer uses water-based HP Latex Inks which means that it doesn’t require any special ventilation or hazard warning labels or HAPs. It also produces odourless prints that are GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified. While some of its substrates may contain inherent odour, this machine does not expose users to hazardous air pollutants and meets AgBB criteria for health-related evaluation of VOC emissions in indoor building products.

HP Designjet Z3200

This is yet another eco-friendly Designjet printer that delivers longer lasting gallery quality prints in both colour and black-and-white. With this printer, you are able to achieve easy calibration and profiling, as well as greater efficiency in terms of ink usage. This environmentally friendly machine redefines the world of colour by producing the most brilliant reds, and stunning black and whites in a wider colour range than ever before. Over 50 HP papers may be used with this printer including fine art, photo, coated and display-graphic printing materials. It is ideal for simplifying workflows for easier access, creation and sharing paper pre-sets via the enhanced HP Colour Centre. It also allows for productive operation and greater efficiency in ink usage with automatic service routines and the Optical Drop Detector. The latter is designed to prevent the clogging of nozzles which results in media waste and printing errors.

HP Designjet Z6100

HP Designjet Z6100 is among the first products to feature HP DreamColour technologies, a collection of features that fine-tune colour matching to the original, thereby making it easier to produce true spot colour prints and proofs. These technologies are able to improve colour consistency across a range of digital devices leaving the user with the confidence that a file will print tomorrow in a similar manner to how it printed today. This eco-friendly printer offers more capacity due to the addition of larger paper rolls and high-capacity ink cartridges for purposes of increasing overall productivity. This way, users are able to run the printer overnight with less monitoring, due to the jumbo paper rolls reaching up to 575 feet in length, in combination with the 775ml ink cartridges. In fast print mode, it can reach more than 1,000 square feet per hour while printing on plain paper, and more than 250 square feet per hour when rolling out glossy paper prints.

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