Basic IT Security Solutions for Your Personal Computer

Information is power and if it happens that it finds its way into unauthorized hands, it can be catastrophic. We use our computer on daily basis when it is either connected to the internet or not. It can happen that you send an email that is crucial but a hacker taps it.

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Your computer is stolen yet it had important documents. The computer may also crash accidentally and you fail to recover the lost data since you may not be a computer guru.

These are just some of unexpected scenarios that can cause damages if it happens to occur. It is therefore advisable to take the following IT Security Solutions into consideration;

Make use of an anti-malware program. This will safeguard your PC against malwares that can slow down your computer as it degrades genuine program performance. Using an anti-virus software that is proactive will keep them away hence your data will be protected.

Make sure the computer firewall is active. The main objective of this is to prevent unauthorized programs that can be in form of virus, malware or spyware from entering into the computer system. You can purchase a firewall program or use those that are found in your Operating System but ensure that they are always updated. Network device such as a router come with its own firewall that is advance.

You should not be fond of opening mails that you never subscribe for. Never open an attachment that come with such mails as they may contain malicious programs.

Don’t always open links or pop ups that you find in any webpage. It can lead you to places where they (hackers) can easily access your personal data. Sites that offer cracked software should be avoided at all cost as they may have ill intentions.

Always ensure that the OS you are using is genuine and updated too.

By following these basic though important advice that can easily be adhered too, you will have a smooth time with your Pc.Don’t forget that your crucial data and programs will always be on safe hands.

Article by Muraguri

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