Barobot – An open-source cocktail mixing robot has came to Kickstarter

We have many useful appliances at home, but when we think of innovation it’s not washing machineor fridge anymore, even the most stylish. It’s a ro bot that will create you your favourite drink whenyou come back home after long time at work. It’s Barobot. It can handle up to 12 bottles of yourfavourite liquors. You don’t need to be a professional bartender equipped with professional measuring stuff and a head full of drink recipes. Barobot will do it for you, everything at the touch of a button of your tablet or smartphone! Its database has over 1000 drink recipes of unlimited cocktails’ complexity – Barobot can mix almost all kinds of popular drinks. One full installation allows you to prepare up to 200 drinks without changing bottles. Barobot pours you a drink consistent of 3 ingredients (like tequila sunrise – 50ml tequila, 100ml orange juice, 20ml grenadine) in about 30 seconds.Barobot has always a wow factor and makes parties unforgettable!

Barobot has over 100 LED diodes which might be easily customized to your colour, mood or musicpreferences by Barobot’s application.Barobot’s application runs on Arduino. It is very intuitive – there’re many colorful pictures of drinks with descriptions. Barobot’s application shows most popular ones, history of your drinks, and suggests some drinks according to your previous choices. There’s absolutely no rocket science. Forget about spoiling drinks – it pours liquids with mililiter accuracy!

Barobot is an interesting innovation for all fans of new technology. It’s fun and functionality itself. Barobot is easy to keep clean – it has removable tray in case that something spills or splashes.

There’re two versions of Barobot – Black Monolith, an elegant, luxuorius version of the Barobot, particulary interesting for everyone careful to every detail of home decoration. The Barobot Black Monolith is very eye-catching, it might be even a home decoration itself! Colorful Led diodes, as well as your personal liquor composition – everything emphasizes its smooth, black, lustrous frame. Youmight adjust diodes to your preferences, interiors, clothes, music, pets or anything you like by the Barobot application.

For those who want to have an insight into mechanisms ofBarobot there’s a Pure Crystal version – it offers view into both hardware and software. X-Ray Pure Crystal model easily! Thanks to its translucent design the Barobot blends in seamlessly with any kind of background, looks as light as a feather. This version will have particularly appeal to all makers and DIY fans – it’s awesome to admire every single wire and circuit board! We wish there were more products that have nothing to hide! It’s portable! If you want to move it from one place to another, just staff it into your car and amaze your friends at their party!

By Hania Zysnarska

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