Bang For Your Buck: Top Five Phones That Have The Most Features

With so many choices, it is often difficult to figure out which cell phone is best for you. Perhaps you need a phone with strong work applications, or one that doubles as your media device. Below is a list of phones that give you the most bang for your buck.

Bell mobile phones offer an extensive of selection of cell phones to choose from. Some of the most popular models are:


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Samsung Galaxy Note

The Samsung Galaxy Note is like having mini computer in your pocket. With lightning fast 4G Data and WIFI capabilities, there are endless choices of apps from the Android Store. Using the S-Pen on the huge 5.7" HD display, you can contact your boss, create a memo, and arrange a meeting all in a few steps. Transferring files between Android phones has become easier with Bluetooth capability that allows you to simply touch phones to share.

Apple iPhone 5S

The popularity of the iPhone is unparalleled and remains a best seller worldwide. The new iOS7 architecture is extremely compatible with Macintosh computers and provides seamless sync capabilities that don’t require any external applications or drivers. Your iTunes playlists are easily transferred and applications are readily available through iPhone App Store or through iTunes.

Blackberry Z10

A solid leader for business use is the Blackberry 10 from that provides a no-nonsense approach to personal communication. The 4.2" touch screen provides a crystal clear HD display. With 16GB of internal memory that’s expandable to 32GB with an additional MicroSD card, you’ll have plenty of room for that much needed storage.

Blackberry Q5

The Blackberry Q5 has been the workhorse for business applications for many years. This model has an expanded visual display than its predecessors, as well as the traditional QWERTY keypad for easy messaging. Reliability using the Blackberry 10 operating system from give the user a no-nonsense approach toward getting the job done.


Expanding on the EVO series, the HTC One is the multimedia lover’s dream. With a 1.7GHZ quad-core processor and 4.7" high resolution screen, you can stream video or music without interruption. The 1080p camcorder and 4MP Ultra Pixel camera allow you to save and share those memories instantly.

No matter which great device that you choose, each one of these phones are unique and carry a vast amount of features to entertain and make staying in touch easier!

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