Awesome New Innovations in Drone Technology

Drones are on the rise. And for good reason. Not only are drones fun to fly, but they offer a number of great benefits for businesses too. Whether you fly drones for recreation or revenue, here are awesome new innovations you should know about in drone technology:

New Models

When drones first came out to the public, there was essentially only one model. Today, that has changed. You have a wide variety of drones to choose from in today’s world. From super speedy drones with agility and quickness, to longer ranger drones that have better battery life and endurance, you have your pick.

Awesome New Innovations in Drone Technology 1

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Infrared Options

New attachments and cameras that feature infrared vision are being built into various drones now by companies like Infrared Cameras Inc. This opens up a world of opportunities. You can communicate between drones now using this new technology to sync them up for amazing tricks or for long range coordination like video.

HD Camera and Video

A drone camera and video set up is now competing with every smartphone. Furthermore, they are competing with world class cameras. The high definition and zoom capability can be matched with any other camera. The only difference is that now you can enjoy the photography from up high, turning the camera angles in whatever way gets you the best shot.


Going up and down and left to right is one way to fly a drone. However, for some people, this is just plain boring. For those who like to put their drone to the max and see what it is capable of, innovations in the way that drones can move should excite you. You can now do a variety of flips, rolls, and fast turns that make flying a drone more like playing a video game.


Have you ever wanted an easy way to move an object around your house or yard from point A to point B? New grappling hooks and magnets now mean that you can. Simple attachments transform any boring old drone into one with mechanical arms that you can use as you please.

In the world of drones, it used to be that every model was expensive. Furthermore, they lacked a lot of modern features. Today, that is changing. Drones are getting new technology additions every day, and the ones mentioned above are some of the most exciting. If you don’t already have your hands on one of the newest drone models, then pull the trigger and start enjoying everything they have to offer.

By Dixie Somers

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