Avantree Mini Roll-able Bluetooth Keyboard Review

I just finished testing my latest gadget the Avantree Mini Roll-able Bluetooth Keyboard.

It is a compact rollable keyboard which can be used with smartphones and tablets using the Bluetooth.





Avantree mini rollable Bluetooth keyboard main features:

  • connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet PC
  • 10 meter of cordless range
  • flexible waterproof silicone construction
  • 85-key QWERTY keyboard
  • built-in rechargeable battery

Avantree mini rollable Bluetooth keyboard review:

The first thing I noticed about the keyboard was the compact design. It came rolled in a round case. To use it I unrolled an synchronized it with my tablet PC. This was a simple task because all the user must do is to press the On button and the Connect button. On the tablet you should search for new devices and the keyboard will be found, synchronized and ready to use.

The Avantree rollable keyboard is made from silicon so it is light, compact & easy to carry and in plus it is water resistant so you don’t have to worry if you accidently splashing it with liquid.

This Bluetooth keyboard is simple to use and it works like a wireless keyboard only it uses the Bluetooth to operate. It is compatible with Bluetooth devices like smartphones and tablets. And it can easily be charged via a USB port.

It has special keys for different functions like volume, mute, play/pause, next/previous track just to name a few.

The Avantree mini rollable Bluetooth keyboard is simple to use. As a downside because of it’s compact design the keys are relatively small and it may take a while to accommodate with the device but there are some frustrations associated with changing your keyboard because you need to relearn how to type on the new device. Also I found that the “Caps look” key is too close to the “A” key and I pressed it accidentally a few times.

In conclusion: an easy to use compact and roll-able keyboard which is also light and ultraportable and works paired with tablets and smartphones. If you like silicon keyboards then it can be a good investment.

Pricing and availability

The Avantree mini rollable Bluetooth keyboard price tag is $24.99 and it is available at Mobilefun.com.

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