Automate Your Home To Reap The Benefits Of Latest Technology

A lot has been written about the benefits of home automation system. But this is such an important and vast topic that there is always something new to discuss. Home automation is a great aspect of modern technology and it makes our homes more relaxing and stress free. As a fact of matter, most of the residences across Europe and North America are automated directly or indirectly.

Benefits of home Automation:

Following lines explain some of the most important benefits of home automation.

· Increased Safety:

Perhaps the greatest advantage of home automation is the increased safety it offers to your house. This security system and the attached close circuit cameras are there to look after the home and protect it from thieves and burglars round the clock. Similarly, motion and light detectors installed in your house will detect any suspicious movement in your house and will inform you on your cell phone or other gadgets no matter wherever you are.

· Lighting Control:

Another benefit of home automation system is the centralized light control. Now you can install a one control panel with keypads or dimmers in your house and control the glow or switch on or off all the lights in your home by a single click. Furthermore, many apps are also available to control your home lighting from a remote location helping you to turn lights on or off and thus saving considerably on electricity bills.

· Centralized Telephone System:

Just like the lighting, home automation also allows you to have a centralized telephone system in your abode. This setup just acts like an intercom system and allows you to communicate to people in different parts of your home especially if it is a big one. Similarly, you can also connect system to cameras to check out whom is you talking with.

· Home Theater:

You can also control each division of your home theater installed in your home with latest home automation technology. It helps you to increase the volume, vary the input or output or perform other functions with your home theater with a single button and even from other rooms of your house.

· Heat and Cooling System:

Mostly air conditioners and heating systems come with built in thermostat to control the amount of heating and cooling. A home automation system allows a home owner to go one step further by enabling him to control the heating and cooling system through local or remote control panels, smart phones, gadgets and even remote controls from any part of your house or even office.

· Remote Access:

Another great advantage of home automation is that you can control the entrance and other areas of your home through your smart phones no matter what your location is. For example, if you forgot to lock the front door while leaving your home, you can still lock it from your office. This will really protect expensive equipment in your home like costly LCDs or your favorite canvas prints from thieves and other opportunists.


Home automation is the future of every home as it provides you a peace of mind in addition with saving your time and money in the long run. This system allows you to relax back in your seat and control your home from anywhere you want without any hassle or worry.

Author, Serven Wilson is a home automation and décor expert and works for a photos to canvas store that prints your digital photographs on canvas to make them long lasting and more adorable.

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