Astrojax Saturn Blue Diamond

Astrojax Saturn Blue Diamond

Each ball features two bright LEDs that create dazzling light patterns when you play. Through an elegant push button control, the LED’s, which come in three different colours, can be switched on and set to either continuous mode or disco mode. continous mode creates patterns reminiscent of beautiful bengal light effects, while Disco is a strobe effect that produces sparkling light traces in space.SATURN sports the same patented construction with precision-machined metal weights as aj PLUS but comes in durable polycarbonate shells and has a specially tailored chip inside with replacable batteries.The breathtaking light effects of SATURN will work their magic and charm even the toughest aj sceptics (should there be any).It’s the must-have toy for any party kid!Each set of Astrojax comes with a trick sheet and an aj-dos? (Astrojax Docking Station?) which is useful for carrying or storing Astrojax.

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