Are You Tracking These Vital Website Metrics?

Having a live website is hardly enough for properly promoting your business to the web audience. You need to keep a close tab on how the website is performing, on a regular basis. This is precisely where the importance of the various website metrics figures comes into the picture. In the present discourse, we will highlight some web metrics that you should definitely keep track of:

Website Metrics

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  • Page-stickiness – Find out for how long visitors (on an average) ‘stay’ on your web pages. If any of the pages has too low ‘stickiness’ figures, there is probably something wrong with the custom web design plan, or the content present, on it. Make the necessary modifications immediately.
  • Bounce rate – This metric will let you know whether the bulk of your visitors are leaving your website, without conducting any fruitful transactions. Check the bounce rates from each of the pages. Factors like a high loading time, or irrelevant/outdated content can spike up the bounce rate of your website.
  • Number of ‘unique’ visitors – Apart from repeat visitors, your website should also be able to attract new prospective customers over time. Plan your website designs well, and keep an eye out on the volume of such ‘unique’ visitors. This figure should show a progressively upward trend.
  • Source of web traffic – You should also be aware of how people are arriving on your website. If the search engine rank of your website is high, many visitors would be coming in via general web searches (organic traffic). People can also visit your website, by clicking on links posted on referral blogs/channels. Direct visitors (who type in the exact name of your website) will also be present.
  • Keyword performance – Keep track of the keywords for which your website is getting the maximum traffic levels. You can do this by checking the rank of the website, for the different keywords. After analyzing keyword performance, you can also change your set of focus keywords (if required).
  • Conversion rate – This refers to the ratio of the number of people who actually do transactions on your website, to the total number of visitors. If the conversion rate appears to be lower than the industry average, you need to look for the underlying faults in the custom website design, advertisements, and/or other factors.
  • Cost per Conversion (CPC) figures – This is particularly important for paid advertising campaigns. Find out the average level of expenses that is required for generating one sales lead on your website. Frame your online marketing strategies in a manner that, the CPC figures are gradually brought down. Find out more about smart PPC campaign management tips here.
  • Onsite visitor behavior – In addition to the conversion rates, you should also track how people behave, while they are on your website. Avail of Google Analytics services, to find out which links/boxes are being clicked upon, which page(s) your visitors are on, how many people are subscribing for newsletters/email offers, and other such important metrics.
  • Positioning of visual elements – You can use A/B testing methods, to zero in upon the most effective website designs. Test alternative versions of your website, with the images, clickable (call-to-action) buttons, links and other such visual elements in different sections of the pages. This will help you to soon find out which version is performing the best.
  • Apart from the above, monitor the feedback/comments that visitors provide in the blog section of your website. Make sure that your custom web design does not hamper user-experience in any way. Website metrics provide indications about how your business is doing in the online space – you simply can’t afford to ignore them!

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Kenneth Parkar is a web analytics expert. He also has an active passion for writing about the utility of the different online analytics tools. In here, he deliberates on some of the website metrics figures that you should keep track of.

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