Apps To Use On Your WordPress Theme That Will Help Mobile Users

Tablets and Smartphones have taken the world by storm. With millions and millions of people activating Smartphones and tablets on a daily basis, it has become ever so crucial for your website to be optimized for mobile use.

Websites on mobile open differently and gives a completely different browsing experience from their native form on desktop or laptop computers. This means that if your website is not optimized for mobile use, users opening your website from a Smartphone or tablet may not be able to browse it completely.

Thanks to content management systems like WordPress, optimizing your website for mobile users has become a task that anyone can handle. WordPress has a huge database of apps, more commonly known as plug-ins that let you edit your website to your preferences. Some of these apps even optimize your current website theme and design to effectively work on mobile devices. We have collected a short list of apps that you can easily install on your WordPress theme and turn it into a mobile friendly theme.


This application is a Go Mobile app that helps webmasters offer new experiences to mobile users with an existing WordPress theme. The app delivers a powerful experience for Android, iOS (iPad and iPhone) users. It recreates your current web site with HTML5 to open in mobile web browsers. The best thing about UppSite is that a user needs no technical experience to install.

The app automatically turns your website into a mobile friendly site within minutes upon installation. It comes pre-packaged with the necessary tools to turn your website mobile. The installation process only takes a few minutes and can be installed from the plug-ins database of WordPress.


WiziApp is another popular WordPress plug-in that turns your WordPress powered website into HTML5 mobile website for iPhone and Android phones. This creates a unique new interface for your website that is optimized for mobile users.

This new website can easily be opened through any Smartphone or tablet, making sure that it fits into the screen space of the device. It also makes sure that the mobile processing power is effectively used so a user does not find their phones lacking in performance.

The best thing about WiziApp is that it not only optimizes your website for mobile use, but also lets you create a custom application of your website for iOS or Android platforms. The application produced by WiziApp meets the general requirements of app stores and Google Play, hence allowing you to publish your app easily.

Once you publish your app, you can either give away your visitors a link to the application that opens your website, or just let them know that your website is optimized for mobile used. The next time a user opens your website through their mobile web browser, they should easily be able to browse your website.

If installing an app is not your cup of tea, you can also use many of the wordpress themes that are already designed to work with mobiles. Most of these themes are easily available from WordPress’s own website and are free to install.

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