“Approach Notebook System” a simple and functional notebook with innovative add-ons

The reason that the Approach Notebook System caught my eye, in this saturated market of lifestyle products, is because they seem to be focused solely on user experience.

Images source Kickstarter

Although their product is not tech related, nor is it super innovative, they actually enhanced the user experience by solving some real problems.
For example, they created sticky notes that are manufactured using the same paper as the internal pages of the notebooks.

This lets users correct mistakes in the notebook, or to add more information when they need more space.
They have 4 different kinds of add-ons, including the sticky notes, which provide a flawless user experience.

Users can also customize the appearance of their notebooks by using add-ons.

The artificial leather index stickers and bookmark tassels work as practical and visual enhancements of the minimally designed notebooks.

By Gunho Kim

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