Apple's iWatch – Reality or a Hoax?

There has never been a short supply of rumours about Apple products. Every single company event and announcement, every new release, every possible leak – they are all surrounded by tons and tons of speculation, wishes, expectations, and so on. Sometimes, the product being discussed is a sure deal like the next iPhone for example. But sometimes, what is being discussed is so farfetched and so lacking in the evidence department that many deem it untrue at first glance. It should be taken into consideration, however, that technology these days is able to bring us a lot of surprises.


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Ever since the start of this year, there has been one Apple product that everyone seems to be talking about – the Apple iWatch. No official statements have been given by the company which makes people wonder whether that is done to increase the excitement or simply because the rumours are not true.

What evidence do we have so far?

When the rumours began floating around in the beginning of the year, many people were hoping that all would be revealed at the February CES (Consumer Electronics Show) conference. It didn’t happen. What the company’s SEO Tim Cook did give us, however, was a vague remark that the company is looking into new categories. An educated guess can throw that statement right in the direction of the iWatch. Why? Because Google is just about to launch the Project Glass products and as Google is Apple’s greatest competitor, everyone is expecting the company to reciprocate. Why? Because everyone is saying that wearable tech is the tech of the future. Apple has always been an innovative company with a vision in the future so it sounds plausible. Why? Because we are used to seeing new things from Apple; things that we never knew we needed (like the iPad), but things we turn out not to be able to live without.

According to Bloomberg, which is quite the reliable tech news source, Apple has created a team of over a hundred brilliant developers to work on the new device. Who is leading them? None other than Sir Jony Ive himself. Why? Because who orders tons of watches for research purposes if they are not developing a watch? Ive definitely got the watches some years ago and he probably didn’t get them to just keep them in a box.

According to the Wall Street Journal, which has always been able to get on the inside of Apple, the company really is experimenting with watches and attempting to achieve the curved wrist device we all have in our heads. Curved glass is something we have already become familiar with so the project is definitely not impossible.

There are these images circling the web, saying that they are of the patents Apple has filed for the watch. Some, however, say that the patents actually belong to Google who are working on such a thing. Samsung and LG are also joining in the field of smart watches. Competition is not something Apple hasn’t heard of though – they can handle it. In fact, more often than not, companies release their products much too soon and then Apple swoops in with a perfect gadget.

Do you think this is enough evidence? We won’t have to wait much longer to find our according to tech geeks around the globe. The iWatch’s release date is said to be as soon as this year so the real evidence might be just a few months away.

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