Apple 80 GB iPod video Black presentation

Apple iPod – Continuing its tradition of hardware and software innovation and design, Apple has released a new iPod that surpasses the last.

Black iPod with 80 GB hard drive for songs, podcasts, videos, games, and more.

This update to the 5th generation iPod with video playback features a huge 80GB hard drive – the largest yet!

With iTunes 7 ushering in movie and game downloads, there’s more than enough content to satisfy this beast of a media player.

Black iPod 80GB hard

The gadget has large, 2.5-inch, 320 x 240 pixel color display screen.

Apple 80 GB iPod video Black holds up to 20,000 songs, thousands of photos, and hours of video.

Search function lets you type name of song with Click Wheel for instant results.

Ports – dock connector, Stereo minijack, composite video and audio through minijack.

Connectivity for Apple 80 GB iPod video Black – USB through dock connector, composite video (with A/V cable – sold separately), and audio through headphone jack or line out on the iPod Universal Dock.

Good parts:
-Great GB/$$ ratio
-Bright screen
-Battery life on video is double what it was before
-Great interface
-Innovative search
-Games are pretty fun
-Excellent design
-Minimal buttons.

Bad parts:
-Scratches easily
-Battery isn’t removable
-Still no FM tuner, line-in, or voice record
-Expensive accessories
-Cheap earbuds.

The price for Apple 80 GB iPod video Black is $329.98.

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