Apollo Plus – The new VPN for Nokia Mobile offered by Microsoft

It is a known fact that each and every larger company is already in mobile VPN market or is either planning to be the part of it. When you can’t just think enough, Microsoft has also decided to jump in this fruitful and every growing market of mobile VPN services, and this is mainly because of the fact that people these days rely more on their smart phones as compared to laptops or desktop computers, and this is mainly because of the fact that these smart phones are remote and are known to be perfect for internet use whenever and wherever they want. However all of these smart phone users are way much concerned about their data security and for this purpose they use different VPN services in order to be absolutely safe and secure.

Microsoft has came up with their all new mobile VPN for Nokia Windows 8 phones known as Apollo Plus, which is a dedicated VPN client that offers you to protect your Windows 8 phone in the best possible manner and without any kind of hardship. However critics says that Microsoft has launched their VPN service quite early, early enough that they didn’t find enough time to implement all the features that are promised in this VPN service, besides that a whole lot of people also believe that the very first version of Apollo Plus won’t be a success, as it has came up with a good number of bugs and it won’t be able to go with all the user needs. Another news about this Apollo Plus is that there won’t be any Distinctive feature in the Microsoft’s VPN service that would attract the users, however the only thing that they can use in order to attract consumers is by using their own company name, as Microsoft has earned credibility over the years, and the only way Apollo Plus might be accepted in the market is due to the name of Microsoft.

Most people said that the Microsoft should have waited a little more before they have launched their Apollo Plus, so that they can launch it with some distinctive features that would have attracted the target market. People might wait for the next version of Apollo Plus, but only a few will chose to go with the current service of VPN. Besides that, Microsoft doesn’t have any past experience in VPN services, so that you can’t expect much from them.

The next update of Apollo Plus might include Wi-Fi with it followed by a better audio. Microsoft has also acknowledged that Apollo Plus is not what they have actually planned, they have ran out of time to include all the promised features, however it is free from all kinds of bugs (or at least most of them.). One thing is for sure that the next update of Microsoft’s Apollo Plus is going to be great, as they will surely include the entire promised feature in the new update, and they might be adding some new into it too! Now all we have to do is to just wait and watch that how well Apollo Plus is going to do in the highly competitive VPN market.

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