Amazon Echo VS. Google Home: Face-Off!

So many articles are being written about these two competing smart speakers. One article will tell you the Amazon Echo is superior and the next article will tell you that the Google Home is better. The reality is that they are both excellent and always improving. It largely depends on what you’re looking for and this infographic from Half Price compares the two on a variety of different grounds.

Because the Amazon Echo has been around longer, it works with more devices in the home so if compatibility is what you’re looking for the Echo is probably the best choice. If music and movies are your thing the Google Home is probably best as it works with Google Music and of course YouTube. It can also be connected with other speakers in the house if they’re connected to a Chromecast audio device.

The Amazon Echo remains the most popular but that is largely because it has first mover advantage. Both of them have begun expanding internationally so it will be interesting to see how they fare. Check out the complete infographic now.

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