Amazing sound experience with X mini speakers

3 days ago I got the X-mini speaker for review. I’ve got one X-mini Black and a pair of X-mini MAX II Black.

MINI Black

The speakers looked great so I have opened the box and start the tests. I have connected the X mini at my mp3 player and I was amazed: the quality of the sound was great! And the sound was lauder I have expected from such a small speaker.

Next I tried the X-mini MAX II and it was a really fantastic experience: The sound was loud and crystal clear.

About X mini

X mini Capsule Speaker slogan is “Sound beyond Size”. X mini is a revolutionary 52g innovation in the world of portable audio technology, is the world’s first pocketsize speaker with a built-in bass support and rechargeable battery. It is petite in size (52mm x 35mm), but strikes with uncompromising sound quality and volume.

X mini features and specs


  • Dimension: (L×W×H): 52mm x 52 mm x 35 mm (closed resonator)
  • Loudspeaker Output: 2.2W
  • Playback Time: 4 – 8 hours
  • Battery Charge Time: DC 5V – 2.5 hours?USB-4 hours
  • 52mm x 52 mm x 64.5mm
  • Net Weight: 52g
  • Speaker: MAGNETISM PREVENT (4?) 36mm x 2W
  • Rating Power: 1.8W
  • Frequency Response: 100Hz-20Khz
  • Signal-to-Noise: ?89db
  • Distortion: ?0.5%
  • Battery Voltage/Capacity: 3.7V/ 300MAH
  • Battery Charging Voltage: 4.2V±0.05V
  • Battery Discharge Time: MP3 volume at 31mv, about 2 hours
  • MP3 volume at 20mv, up to 8 hour

About X-mini MAX II


X-Mini MAX II is expertly designed to be ultraportable and precisely engineered to deliver a superior sound. With a simple twist and lift, the avant garde capsule-shaped design unveils a pair of stereo speakers. These stylish speakers, which can also be used individually, pop open to reveal the patented accordion-like Bass Xpansion System™ (BXS™) which successfully mimics the resonance of a sub woofer.

Defying the conventional notion that size does matter, the X-mini MAX II, is a moveable feast of sounds. Its new 40 mm driver, expanded BXS™, extended playback time and modular “Buddy-Jack” design, enables it to effectively generate high-quality and extensive aural ranges, be it the rich timbres of a soprano or the pulsating electronic beats of the latest dance track.

X-mini MAX II features and specs

  • Dimension (L×W×H): 65.8mm×53.4 mm (closed resonator)
  • Loudspeaker Output: 2.5W×2
  • Playback Time: Up to 12 hours
  • Battery Charge Time: 5V input – 2.5 hours
  • Net Weight: 178g
  • Speaker: MAGNETISM PREVENT D40*H20mm (4?)/2W
  • Frequency Response: 200Hz~18K Hz
  • Signal-to-Noise: ?80dB
  • Distortion: ?1.0%
  • Battery Voltage/Capacity: 400mAh
  • Battery Charging Voltage: 5V/+0.5V

Which one to get

I like booths X mini and X mini Max2 speakers. Choosing one will not be hard it depends what you need:

  • booth offer super portability, but of course X mini is twice as small as MAX II
  • obliviously the sound is lauder on MAX II

My images with X-mini and X-mini MAX II

Picture-166 Picture-174

Picture-175 Picture-185


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  1. it is really cool stuff.

  2. that is a sweet little speaker. great review. what is the price range on something like these?

  3. Wow!! Coolest, style. That looks really funny. I want that. The price is also reasonable. But I have never seen that anywhere else. Where can I get it?

    Best Regards,

  4. Those speakers are so cute. I think I would go with the Max II with their super small portable design. Great review.

  5. Those speakers are amazing! BTW whaat’s lauder – as in ‘the sound was lauder’?

  6. It looks more like a toy than speakers. You give it to a kid and he will think it’s a toy!


  7. wow it looks cool

  8. Though this is very small speaker but it has very great features like sound clarity, Battery Charge Time 5V input – 2.5 hours and many more–so its features really attracted me!

  9. This looks awesome, I’m very much sure this has got plenty of features as well. 🙂

  10. These mini MP3 speakers look fantastic. They have a great specification and great sound output.

    They are definitely worth considering!

  11. Extremely amazing looks, would love to have one of those

  12. These speakers look seriously cool. A great specification as well

  13. watch wolfman online

    Splendid Quality and fully featured.
    worth Buying!

  14. can i connect it to my samsung mp3 player too??

  15. Yes, This is certainly an awesome gadget to get in my arsenal. Does anybody have aopinion where I can purchase it? Any guidance?

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    Hey seems to have a wonderful sound

  17. Very nice speakers would love to have them fixed to my head! Thanks for sharing.

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    Great review. These seem like they would be great to bring to the office and put on my desk. Just wondering where i can get them? and how much they cost? Thanks!

  19. It was meant to make people understand the size of each speaker. If you can fix 3-4 at once you can understand the total size of these.

  20. I like this, this is very small speaker but it has very great features like sound clarity. Thanks for sharing.

  21. company design logo

    well,This speaker is a Mono speaker but sound is fantastic so was thinking of buying two of these and wiring a sort of bridge between the laptop/ipod headphone socket and 2 3.5mm pins that these X-Mini’s use.

  22. Those speakers are nice! I never thought I’d be carrying speakers in my back pocket but hey, its all good.

  23. WOW!! it’s really great I bought one and I have it wherever I go, I will recommend it to all techki guys out there, its cool I’m telling you!!!!

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