All You Wanted to Know about Cocos2d with its Advantages and Disadvantages

If are a game developer who has already developed a few 2D games, you must be well acquainted with the Cocos2d development company. If you are a budding game developer you would hear the name from the experienced lot. The rapidly increasing demand of Cocos2d alongside Unity has created a huge scope for those interested in mobile app development.

In the current scenario of evolving trends in game development, almost all game developers want to create that masterpiece of app for the web and the mobile phone platforms. They either prefer to develop the gaming apps right from the ground up, or they write the engine completely on their own. They more often aim to design games for multiple platforms, especially the ones that are available for both iOS and Android. Development tools are the best alternatives at this point that help you to build game apps for multiple platforms from a single creation.

Cocos2d, the top seed framework to use, is one of the leading development tools that enable the game developers to bring their ideas into reality in 2D. But, while it has many advantages for sure making it popular and rewarding, it also has its own set of disadvantages. Before we discuss the pros and cons of the top-rated game development tool, let’s know the basics.

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What is Cocos2d?

It’s a cross-platform development tool designed to help you develop 2D games with finesse. the best part is, it’s open source and it’s free! The Cocos2D-JS is the latest addition to the Cocos2D family that’s an amalgamation of Cocos2D X for the mobile or desktop platform, and Cocos2d HTML5 for the web platform. It will be soon available with 3D support along with 2D and 2.5D. It was launched during the iPhone SDK when Apple came up with their own optimized 2D engine suitable for Objective- C developers, however, with the rising popularity of Android the Cocos2D shifted its strategy to cross-platform scripted in C++. This automatically increased the popularity of Cocos2D and today, it’s one of the most preferred open source development tool in the world.

Languages Supported by Cocos2D

Cocos2D is known to support multiple languages such as, Objective- C, C++, Java, C#, Ruby, and JavaScript as well. C++ is among the extensively used languages by the Cocos2D Development Company. This is because, majority of the platforms are compatible with C++.

Software Developed by Cocos2D

  1. Allows you to build an app for multiple platforms. This proves to be extremely effective in situations where you are seeking an evidence for the project.
  2. It’s an open source game development engine with an MIT license. It is much lightweight and strong in comparison to the other popular game engine viz., Unity3D. It’s Cocos2D-x is known to produce top-grossing apps for Android and iOS. It helps you to develop complicated animation easily with it’s integrated physics support.
  3. The fact that it is a cross-platform game engine, it allows the Cocos2D-x to help a business create GUI applications that are user-friendly, rich, and trustworthy. It is all possible due to the immense support of the network protocols such as, WebSocket API, XMLHttpRequest API, and HTTP with SSL.

Advantages of Cocos2d

  • Cocos2d is a top-rated game engine that supports a vast range of mobile phone platforms.
  • It’s an open source project and is available to use for free of cost. The best part is, it comes with an MIT license.
  • Offers several tools and extensions, and also equips you with open source code.
  • Results in mind-blowing graphic outputs, once the game is completely developed.
  • Offers loads of learning sources.
  • Amazing performance with graphics that are sped up with hardware.
  • Offers quality support in form of experienced online community sharing the best practices, experiences, tips, and tricks.
  • Many versions also offer sound assistance as an added bonus.

Disadvantages of Cocos2d

  • Bugs are a part of such tools and the downside is that there is no commercially inclined support that is, any renowned company offering services to remove the bugs and restore the engine during any crisis.
  • Offers rather unconventional APIs. It started with Python, then shifted to Objective- C before even we could blink, although the Objective-C has not been really following the usual practices. It then soon upgraded to C++ coding, retaining the expressions of the Objective-C. Overall, it does not feature a sound coding framework and the APIs are too advanced in comparison to the other 2D gaming engines.
  • The functions are pretty lengthy in the Cocos2d structure. This is because Cocos2d goes a bit too far by imposing a specific style on their apps.

Cocos2d Vs Unity 3D

Coming to the popular quandary, which is better Cocos2d or Unity 3D? Here we have a few points that we think can help you make the right choice.

  1. In terms of experience in programming, Unity 3D wins the cake because it suits better for beginners. However, with a few tutorials on C++ you will certainly get a grasp on the language and take advantage of Cocos2d.
  2. Gaming engines usually require a bit of learning before you could start with your mobile app development and so, does Cocos2d. It’s a bit a trickier and time consuming in comparison to Unity 3D which is easier to grasp.
  3. If you are trying to come up with a simple game, Cocos2d is definitely a better choice in this case. Games as small as 1.5MB can be designed using Cocos2d. Unity 3D on other hand, does not allow you to make games or apps below the size of 8MB.
  4. Cocos2d needs developers to create the chunk of code lines all on their own considering its open source. That’s not the case with Unity 3D though.
  5. Both Cocos2d and Unity 3D get the same points here for effective time management while making a game or an app by not allowing any waste of time.
  6. Cocos2d is catching up with Unity 3D in terms of online support and accessibility to it.
  7. Cocos2d is hands down the winner when it comes to its price, as being an open source it’s completely free of cost. Unity 3D does have a paid Pro version for advanced features.
  8. Both the game engines have been used to make some classic games such as, Unity 3D for Angry Birds and Holy Place Run 2, while Cocos2d is known for BadLand and 2048.
  9. The exteriors tools like tilemaps and bitmaps for Cocos2d are much easier to learn and use in comparison to the ones offered by Unity3D.
  10. C++ is the common language used by both the game development tools and while Cocos2d is doing better in this category by making the entire process much easier, Unity3D is stronger too.

With no additional costs attached to it and the ease of use offered, Cocos2d definitely makes for an excellent development tool for the game concept that you have thought of. So, find the best Cocos2d development company, know how it works, and get set with your new game soon.

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