All you need to know about iPad

iPad has taken the world by storm. If you are a gadget freak this gadget will hold you in its grip by working its magic on you alright!


IPAD indeed! So what’s in it? Lets take a look at this very often talked about magical gadget.

Apple iPad is a brilliant hybrid of iTouch, iPhone and a laptop notebook. The beauty of this magical gadget is that it is exactly a mix between a multimedia mobile phone and a laptop. You can use it to browse websites, watch online videos, access iTunes, store your photographs, listen to songs, watch movies, download games and apps, play games, and much more. And because it’s not as small as a mobile phone and not as big like a laptop, yet still slim and light weighed, it becomes very functional. It comes packed with key features like Safari, internet, photos, mail, youtube, videos, App store, iTunes, iBooks, notes, maps, contacts, calendar, search and lots more. It also comes with a VGA-style video output adapter, which is primarily designed to support video projectors, allowing users to present Keynote presentations straight from the device as many other mobile devices, netbooks and mainstream laptops also use QVGA camera for photo and video outputs.

In addition to all that it comes with a high resolution backlit display which is remarkably crisp and vivid. The surface of this multi-touch screen technology has been thoroughly reengineered making it extremely responsive and precise. It also incredibly runs almost 140,000 apps. Its lithium-polymer battery can last up to 10 hours which will give you uninterrupted usage whether you are on the web, listening to music or watching videos.

Having said all that, you will never experience it in its full totality if you don’t get your hands on it. If you are a gadget freak this gadget will hold you in its grip by working its magic on you alright!

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    iPad looks very stylish and attractive touch screen features of these laptop are really fantastic and iPad contains all the combine features of laptop and notebooks.Its a really userful.

  2. One feature of the iPad I really love is the large Multi- Touch Screen which other devices do not have.

  3. saving up for one as we speak. man, i can’t wait.

  4. I cant wait for RIM’s Blackberry Pad I think it way better than the iPad.

  5. I pad rules

  6. I love everything Mac! It’s light weight, convenient, and stores my presentations so that I can easily send without carrying around my laptop. Genius!

  7. iPad examines very stylish and appealing feel computer display characteristics of these laptop are actually truly unbelievable and iPad comprises all the blend characteristics of laptop and notebooks.Its a actually userful

  8. i am liking my new ipad2 …

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