AirDog – The gadget to get in 2015!

Last year was full of amazing gadgets that made the world a very different place, forever. This year is no exception, and seems like the connection between amazing video footage and extreme sports is getting stronger and stronger. This year we’ll see that bond strengthened by AirDog, an amazing gadget that’s already creating some of the most amazing videos that the world has seen. I invite you to keep reading and find new ways in which your imagination and AirDog will shape your life in 2015. AirDog is the name of this fantastic device, and I think the name speaks by itself. This is a drone equipped with a gimbal that supports a GoPro camera. The drone is fast and easy to set and once you do this it’ll follow you wherever you go. This gadget is equipped with pretty robust flight algorithms that result in very stable flight, and with the gyro controlled gimbal, it promises to shoot amazing quality footage like you have never seen before.


No skills required, just have fun!

Piloting RC aviation devices it’s really fun and amazing, this is part of the reasons why this hobby has grown in popularity during that last years. The most complex devices to pilot are remote controlled helicopters, and if you want to start with this hobby, here is a great place where you can get more information about them. However, a growing number of people are more interested in the practical applications of these gadgets, and that is why having a device that offers a super easy to control and stable flight is really valuable. Unlike its older brothers, AirDog doesn’t require the owner to have RC piloting skills. This is a plug and play gizmo, just set it using your AirLeash (a cool wristband that operates the entire device) and in less than a minute you’re ready to go.

This is a friendly gadget with a toyish look, but make no mistake here, this is a complex device that’s the result of a combination of aviation and embedded systems engineers, software developers, and marketing and management experts. If you ask me, I love the look and feel of this device, it actually invites people to use it, and since it looks like a toy it’s easier for people to not get intimidated for it. This amazing combination lead to an autonomous drone with an auto-follow function so that you can focus on having fun doing your favorite activity, while AirDog follows and films all your movements. As an RC enthusiast I can’t do anything but applaud this result because it marks the beginning of an era, the one in which you don’t need any sort of RC piloting skills or a video expert to record and share your experience.

Technical specifications are always important

AirDog Technical Specifications

This gadget is built with the purpose of filming extreme sports, and everything your imagination allows you to. Being this the case, its construction is resistant to most types of weathers, including a wind of up to 28 knots. The flight time you get is really decent compared with other devices, you’re free to perform and record your moves for 10 to 20 minutes depending on the flight speed. The battery is interchangeable, so you can have an extra pre-charged to continue filming, and if for any reason the battery goes empty while in operation, the drone will land automatically. Don’t worry about losing it since its app (compatible with IOS or Android) will record the last position of your gadget to help you find it fast and easy. The operational ceiling is of some impressive 14,000 feet above the sea level, and the AirLeash can work with a range of up to 1000 feet. The top speed it can reach is of 40mph and does this carrying a 4lbs battery. AirDog is making more accessible the world of RC aviation gadgets. I’m a lover and reviewer of some of the best RC helicopters you can find on planet Earth, and even when I love piloting these devices, I can imagine how amazing it must be to have your personal aerial video recorder. Truth is that you can film messages, segments of musical videos, parts of a conference, and many other things. The imagination is the limit.

AirDog should definitely be in your wish list for 2015


Right now, the company behind this device is taking pre-orders. The 1st batch is already sold out and the happy ones who decided to get it will receive it for February of 2015. If you want, you still can get yours from the 2nd batch which will be delivered by Q2 of 2015. The complete set comes with everything you need to start having fun (with the exception of the GoPro camera), and can be yours for only $1,295 USD. Drones are here to stay, and the reason why they are becoming so popular is because the platform of a quadcopter allows us to do more than just have fun piloting an RC device. These gadgets are changing the way things are made in many industries, especially in the aerial photography one. Whatever your activity is, you should definitely consider getting one of these amazing gadgets. AirDog is here to stay and the company has stated that this is only the beginning.

What is your experience with RC flying devices? Can you think of a way to use AirDog in your industry or favorite activity? Let us know your thoughts and join to the conversation by leaving a comment. Don’t forget to share this on your social channels so that more people know about this fantastic gadget.

By Jose Lozano

Jose Lozano

Passionate blogger, avid reader, and lover of RC aviation devices, Jose Lozano enjoys writing about those gadgets that make a change in people’s lives. He loves to create useful reviews and informative blog posts about RC helicopters and drones so that other people know the pros and cons of these fantastic devices.

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