Affordable Wireless Full-size Headphones Philips SBCHC8440

If you want to buy some quality but affordable Wireless Full-size Headphones have a look at SBCHC8440 made by Philips.

Wireless Full-size Headphones Philips SBCHC8440

With the SBCHC8440 Circumaural overhead Headphones no hassles with cables and freedom to move around and enjoy your music.

Philips SBCHC8440 features and specs:

  • Wireless On Ear Full size Headphone.
  • 3-way adjustment for a better fit and bass performance.
  • Lightweight design improves comfort for prolonged use.
  • ALC helps prevent audible distortion of input signals.
  • 32 mm speaker driver delivers high-performance sound.
  • FM Wireless transmission for freedom of movement.
  • Choose from two channels to minimise interference.
  • Reduces costs by using rechargeable batteries.
  • Frequency response : 10–20,000 Hz.
  • Sensitivity : 100 dB .
  • Pilot tone frequency : 19 kHz.
  • Effective range : 100 m.
  • Operating time : +/- 15 hours.

The price for a pair of SBCHC8440/05 FM Wireless Full-size Headphones for HiFi is £34.89 and you can find it on

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  1. just one thing i want to say that i am just fan of that set really recently i bought that and mostly all time in day and night it is always with u Philips.

  2. Philips SBCHC8440 is a great advantage for people who dance while listening a loud sound with headphones…Now wirless! superb feature.

  3. wonderful these headphones! but how much do they cost?

  4. Nice post, I really love Philips products. I have used this headphone. This musical instrument really awesome. Very comfortable and sound truly great. No much expensive….

    Best Regards,

  5. Mine is a lot smaller and less rad. It looks like you can really blast your eardrums with this one. It looks classy too.

  6. These headphones look and sound great and with Phillips, you know you are going to get high quality sound.

    They seem like a great buy!

  7. i like wireless products very much.

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    I’d be lost without headphones. I will refer everyone I know. I like headphones more and more each day because it makes my life a lot easier.

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    hey really that Philips SBCHC8440 is really we must say great amazing piece really i love that actually newly i bought this and a day when it is bought and till now not a single moment i forget that thing it is always with me actually i am b big lover of music and dance.

  10. Philips SBCHC8440 does have a nice look, design and specifications.Moreover it is wireless. I have bought this just recently and simply love it

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    Philips always rock and these headphones look stylish plus its wireless too…

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    I had Sony headphones,but when I search for wireless headphones I chose this one. The quality is awesome even if its wireless.

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