Adaptive diagnostic reasoning

Since the early 1980s, Four Hound Solutions has been developing and supporting automated test systems. Among the automated test systems developed during this nearly 30 year span of time is adaptive diagnostic reasoning at

In addition to adaptive diagnostic reasoning, Four Hound Solutions has been at the forefront of developing military and aerospace test solutions. In addition to these military and aerospace applications, Four Hound Solutions has developed testing systems for telecommunications, automotive and industrial applications. Moreover, the company has been involved in the development and support of consumer based test systems as well.

The technical team at Four Hound Solutions is keenly aware of the importance of adaptability when it comes to its testing systems and solutions. Any testing system developed by Four Hound Solutions is designed to permit appropriate enhancements in the future to meet evolving technological needs.

When other testing products prove inadequate, Four Hound Solutions is able to make custom test solutions to meet specific goals, objectives and needs. This includes custom testing equipment for military, aerospace, telecommunications, automotive, industrial and consumer applications. This type of custom test solution can be implemented quickly to meet the evolving and immediate demands of a customer, no matter the industry or sector.

By Four Hound Solutions team

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