Accessories for Your iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is the newest generation of the iconic iPhone. Unlike the iPhone 4 and 4S, the iPhone 5 has a different design that requires special accessories. This means you have to purchase specific accessories that are unique to the iPhone 5. Accessories can make your phone experience better, but they can also protect the phone and improve your life. Below are the top accessories that are musts for tech enthusiasts.

A Backup Battery Case 

Battery cases are useful for travelers and the person who is always using their iPhone. Battery cases provide double the battery life while you are out and about. If your phone dies, the backup will charge your phone and provide extra longevity. While these cases can be expensive, they can be life savers while you are on-the-go without a charging outlet in sight. These cases do have limitations on how many times they can be charged, but they are well worth that extra cost.

An Extra Lens 

Photographers who use the iPhone as a tool can purchase special lenses that attach to the phone and improve the camera experience. Hobbyists will thoroughly enjoy extra zoom, macro or clarity from these types of accessories. These are also relatively expensive and take serious commitment to iPhone photography to become a professional iPhone photographer.

Waterproof Cases 

If you swim, dive, or find that you are near water often; a waterproof case is an excellent accessory to have. It’s a tragic loss to drop an iPhone in water and have to pay to replace the phone. A waterproof case can protect and preserve your phone if an accident happens.

Car Mount 

If you need to have easy access to your phone while in the car, a car mount is a safe and stable choice. A good mount is durable, easily pops your phone in and out and it rotates for easy viewing from any angle. This is great for those who use GPS and radio through their iPhone while driving. You don’t want to fiddle with your phone as you drive, and it can be illegal in many states.

Lightning 30-pin Adapter

If you have many accessories for the iPhone already, this adapter cable allows you to convert most accessories to the iPhone 5. This includes USB audio, syncing and analog audio out. However, it does not allow you to convert car stereos which can be a downside for many iPhone users.

Fitness Armband

Exercise enthusiasts will need an armband for their workouts. It’s a hassle to keep your phone in your pocket, and it can be even more difficult to worry about exercising and protecting your phone. Armbands are protective and durable. They will protect your device from rain, sweat and even sudden drops off your arm.

Keyboard Buddy 

If you issues using a touch screen, there are special cases that attach to your iPhone and use Bluetooth technology. These cases have a slide-out keyboard that enables you to use a traditional-button keyboard easily. This is a worthy investment if you really have to have a keyboard, but it does make it difficult to use other cases and accessories with your iPhone 5.

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