A4Tech HoleLess Wireless Mouse Review

In the last few days I was testing the A4Tech HoleLess wireless mouse. This is a smart mouse which has a lot of useful features like screen capture, tutor pen and multimedia, internet and office functions.

A4Tech HoleLess wireless mouse

If you want a good wireless mouse all you have to do is to insert the wireless multi-link receiver into an USB port and put a battery into the mouse and you are done. If you want to use all the features of this mouse you will have to install the software (you can download it from www.a4tech.com/g9) and read the manual.

A4Tech HoleLess wireless mouse has an innovative hidden sensor which keeps away the dust and liquids. By doing this the mouse is very precise even when it run on bed, sofa or carpet.

A4Tech HoleLess wireless mouse review

I had to work a little to make this review because this mouse has a lot of useful functions. It allows customization so the possibilities are almost endless from opening documents to launching your default browser in just one muse click.

You have a lot of options with this mouse. Below you will find a list with the features which are the most useful for me.


Screen capture tool

This is by far the most useful feature for a blogger. There are many times when you want an image to publish on your blog and the save option is not working. I am not talking about breaking the copyright laws. The images I use on my blog are images of products which come from the manufacturers but in many cases it takes time to find the original image so I save a duplicate published on a different website.  

This is where the screen capture tool of the HoleLess mouse is handy. From one mouse click I get the image I want. It is really simple.

The captured images can be edited from the mouse software which is also really simple to use.

Tutor pen

When I am developing a new website with my partner I want to point out different things so the tutor pen function is really useful.

By using this feature I can draw arrows and all sorts of things to highlight the most important elements from an image.

Gesture 16-in-1

This is a feature which allows the user to get maximum from this mouse. You can customize the gestures and after that it is easy to zoom in or out on a page, scroll up and down, open, save a file just to name a few.

One click mouse sensitivity adjustment

You can choose the mouse sensitivity by pressing one button. I don’t like my mouse cursor to move very fast on my screen so I have opt for the 800DPI sensitivity.

Internet, Office and Multimedia

The HoleLess mouse can be personalized to quickly execute Internet / multimedia commands, such as: Backward, Forward, Stop, Refresh, Search, My Favorite, Web Browser, E-mail, Media Player (Open), Previous, Next, Stop, Play/Pause, Mute, Volume+, Volume and so on.

There are a lot of useful functions here and the best part is that you can customize them to fit your needs.

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  1. personalised items

    Like how long will the mouse capable of covering it’s range? I really like wireless mouse and keyboard since I gives me a neat and clean desktop. More over I like them being powered by USB since I don’t have to worry about there battery life span.

  2. That is a really nice looking mouse.
    Nice review, thank you

  3. I am currently using A4Tech mouse and I am happy for it’s service. Been using this for quite some time now.

  4. The mouse range is 15m. I have used it to watch TV from my computer. The range was aprox 5m and the mouse worked fine.

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