A Very Simple Guide to Recovering RAR Passwords

Knowing how to recover RAR passwords is essential especially when the files you encrypt are important. It is understandable why you will want to password protect some files, but what happens if you forget? Fortunately there are several methods that you can use.


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Your Password Recovery Options

There are two popular options: the brute force method and the dictionary method. The brute force method simply means using all possible character combinations. This method will guarantee that you will recover the password but it will take a lot of time. This method is most effective when your password is less than 5 characters long. Otherwise it will just take too much time and simply impractical.

The other method you can use is the dictionary method wherein the recovery tool will use a dictionary of frequently used words. This technique is most effective if your password contains a well known word. Using this method it might take only 30 minutes to get your password back.

What the dictionary method does is to put whole words in your password until the match is made. But this method only works if you used whole words for your RAR password. If you used random characters then you have to resort to brute force.

There are many password recovery programs available online and some of them are free. But do keep in mind that most of these programs will only use the dictionary or brute force method. That is why it is a good idea to just get one of both and try them to see which works. Also you need to make sure the version you are using is compatible with the RAR version on your computer.

What is a RAR File?

RAR is the format used by the WinRAR archiver. Just like other archiving tools it is a data container and used to hold compressed files. The program is available online and can be downloaded. Once you have the program you can use it to unpack RAR files and create them. After downloading and installing the software, just double click it to start.

If you want to extract all the files that are contained in it, click the Extract To button and choose a folder where the files have to be extracted. Click OK and the extraction process will begin. You can also use RAR from Windows Explorer. Right click a file and then you will see options like extract to and others. Choose one and several options for compressing or extracting files will appear.

Keep in mind that some WinRAR files can be components of multi-volume sequences. Meaning you can use the program to split a big archive into smaller components. These typically have extensions like .part1.rar, .part2.rar and so on. These can be unpacked easily into one volume, but you need to extract them in order (i.e., beginning with the first volume).


It is inevitable for people to compare RAR with ZIP. RAR actually has a lot of benefits that ZIP does not possess. This includes multipart (multivolume) archive convenience, together compression, powerful AES-128 encryption and text and multimedia modes among others.

If you are going to use RAR then it is vital that you know how to recover RAR passwords. By simply using the types of programs described earlier, recovering passwords will be easy.

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