A Super Gadget For Truckers By Samsung

Electronic logging devices are not entirely new to the trucking industry, and once trucking companies discover the benefits, their resistance to them crumbles. One of the greatest benefits is that it removes the ability to cheat and inflate your number of hours on the road. These electronic devices bring about greater accountability as they record a driver’s time while on duty.

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No More Inflted-Hours Tampering

Once drivers use these e-logs, they don’t easily go back to their old paper logbooks as these are able to be tampered with. With electronic logging, drivers won’t have to take up time filling in their paper driver logs. The best part is that with electronic logging, costly mistakes and additional admin work will be eliminated.

Not only that, these electronic logging devices or ELDs will also audibly warn truck drivers when their driving hours are up, and this avoids driver fatigue and road accidents. As it is, these ELDs will record critical events such as trucking accidents, and they will capture driver and vehicle behaviour throughout the accident – which can be used when reconstructing accidents for lawsuits.

D-Date on the Horizon

Starting in December 2017, all trucks will be required to record hours of service electronically. This is to conform{ to the new ELD mandate. To make this transition from paper to electronic devices easier, Samsung has partnered with Omnitracs to deliver a complete large fleet ELD bundle that includes –

  • Omnitracs XRS relay software licence
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab E with defense-grade Knox security platform|
  • choose from 4G LTE connectivity with AT&T, Sprint, Verizon or Wi-Fi option
  • RAM Mounts IntelliSkin case with GDS technology
  • RAM Mounts Vehicle Dock with Integrated GDS Technology
  • RAM Mounts GDS 10-50VDC to 5VDC Male Micro-USB Type B Step Down Converter Charger

The Samsung Galaxy Tab E is an ideal choice when you’re looking for an electronic logging device as it has a robust, durable design that will stand up well to all the bumps and jostles from all kinds of road conditions. With the defence-grade Samsung Knox security platform, drivers can log their hours and be more productive. Provision has also been made so that after hours, drivers can enjoy private, leisure access to entertainment without jeopardizing any business information.

Business And Pleasure

Also, within Samsung Knox, it has been designed carefully so that there are software layers which separate data and also check the integrity of the device. These defence layers will also detect any tampering which ensures that data remains secure.

Omnitracs announced their partnership with Samsung Electronics so as to help the transportation industry conform to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate. So in reality, Samsung mobile devices are being used hand in hand with Omnitracs XRS fleet management software.

New government regulations with trucking are coming in at the end of the year. People tend to ask, why Samsung? Samsung has a reputation for secure technology with an intuitive design and this will be beneficial in driving ELD implementation throughout the trucking industry. Not only that, with electronic logging, the safety of trucks and drivers will be enhanced because now their hours will be monitored which is all about complying with legal requirements. Electronic tracking also brings about speed and accuracy and drivers can track their hours in real time instead of manual entry methods.

Improvements all Around

These electronic logging devices are going to offer improvements all around as fleets will be provided with driver performance analytics such as speed, fuel usage, time spent on the road, driving behaviour and general trip data.

The trucking industry is getting ready to be ELD-standards compliant by December 2017 and Samsung technology is trucking companies prepare for this.

Trucking companies in the 21st century are having to rely more on more on sophisticated technology to keep the industry on the right road. With analytical, navigational- and recreational facilities added in, you can say that Omnitrac and Samsung are rightly excited that they’re part of improving logging actions in the truck industry.

Everything to Gain

Together they want to ensure that the trucking industry is able to can keep accurate tabs on drivers and trucks to ensure that nothing is abused and wasted and that that there is everything to gain.

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