A new streaming service is in town: Chili has arrived to the UK

Online entertainment just got even more convenient with Chili.com. Chili is a video on demand service launched in 2012 in Italy that quickly gained over 1.5 million registered customers. Since then, it has been made available in Germany, Poland, Austria, and most recently, the UK.

Chili is an entertainment platform that enables viewers to enjoy their favourite programmes and films on their own time. Chili users are not limited only to a connection with the Chili website, as content is available both to stream and to download. Each user’s profile can be linked to up to five different devices, including Smart TV’s, PCs, tablets and smartphones, and the devices can all access Chili simultaneously. More and more people around the world today are using services that enable them to access the service when they want and where they want. Chili meets this demand, making it easy to relax and enjoy your favourite show whenever you have the down time.

Founder Giorgio Tacchia, says “At Chili we’re proud to offer all the latest movie premieres – from foreign art house to big screen blockbusters- alongside official merchandise, exclusive cinema tickets and a news hub, all with no subscription to get in the way.” With Chili, you can also look up theatre times in your location, read reviews, and even get access to new releases before they are made available amongst the standard television market. As for exclusive content, Chili has a digital magazine, HotCorn.com, a well as an app, Cinetrailer. As Tacchia says, “We know movie fans don’t just watch films, they live them. That’s why at Chili we don’t just stream movies and TV, we have created the ultimate viewing experience.

What makes Chili stand out amongst other services on the market is primarily that it does not require a subscription and instead uses a pay-per-view model. The cost of subscription services can quickly add up and users do not always get the most out of their money depending on their viewing habits. The pay-per-view model allows customers to have more control over what they pay for. Chili users can rent or purchase content using a credit or debit card, PayPal, or the included Chili Wallet that connects to your profile and can be topped up starting at £5 with a credit card.

By Emily Jones



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