A General Review Of Some Of The Best Ereaders In The Market

While purchasing an ebook reader, you might like to consider various specifications. Though technical specifications of every reader is different, there are some features based on which you can decide which device suits you the most.


Nook Simple Touch

The Nook is an ultra light and portable device with an easy to use touch screen. With a battery backup of about two months (on a single charge!) it provides clear and crisp reading. The only difficulty faced with this device is its wi-fi connectivity. People have often complained that it is slow in connecting to a wi-fi network.

Kindle Touch

Kindle Touch has sleek design; with text to speech functionality. It also supports audio books and mp3 files, taking the ebook reading experience to whole new level. Kindle has a highly sensitive touch screen, where just a slight dab at the screen can lead to a change in page, which is not that much appreciated by its users.

Kindle DX

Kindle DX is highly appreciated for its high contrast E-ink pearl display. The display is large with anti-glare, providing you with the benefit of using it under broad daylight. It’s as slim as most of the magazines with a size of just over third portion of an inch. The only complaint received against this device is lack of proper customer support.

Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire is for people who don’t want to use any other gadget. With over 20 million movies, TV shows, songs, magazines, and books, the Kindle Fire keeps you glued to it. With the ultra fast Amazon Silk browser and cloud storage, it provides ease of accessibility and storage. It would have been the best choice for a Tablet, if the speakers could have been more enhanced.

Sony Reader

The Sony reader is another high end ebook reader that you might like to consider. The device comes with a personalized screen saver. You can scribble and save handwritten notes on any book. It is integrated with Calibre, which enables you to edit books and tags in bulk. The accessibility buttons work even in the browser. The device is complete with a single drawback of bad customer support.

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