9 Google products you’ve never heard of but should have

Even if it seems that everyone is using Google products these days, the company offers such a wide range of apps and functionalities that some of them by default become less known than Drive or Gmail. Here are 9 interesting and valuable Google products you probably never heard about.


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  1. Project Sunroof

This interesting project is intended to promote a cause everyone should care about – innovative and sustainable energy sources. In this particular interface, Google allows users to calculate how much money they could be saving if they decided to install solar panels on their roofs. Its enough to type your address and the tool generates a savings analysis on the basis of the number of usable sunlight per year and square feet available for solar panels.

  1. Google Sites

This is actually part of Google Apps for Work productivity suite. The idea behind it is easy creation of a team-oriented site where users can trasfer files and easily collaborate. Just perfect if you need an online space to share content with a specific group of people.

  1. Google Express

Available only in selected areas, this amazing same-day and overnight home-delivery service is Google’s latest offering. It’s enough to put in your email address to check whether you can order items from stores like Walgreens or Costco and have Google bring them to you. Why not try it? Google offers free delivery on eligible orders during a 3-month trial.

  1. Google Ngram Viewer

This amazing search engine allows to search through millions of books digitized by Google in search for specific words and in the context in which they’ve been used. All results displayed in a neat graph. This is an excellent research tool for writers and scholars alike.

  1. Google Sky

This is a real treat for astronomy enthusiasts. The space version of Google Earth is a place where users can explore the sky on images combined from a wide range of sources – for instance, the famous Hubble Telescope, NASA and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.

  1. Click-to-Call

This is a smart advertising product that many marketers still need to get hold of. Enabling click-to-call, companies can ensure that users seeing their advertisements on one of Google’s pages can click on the phone icon to instantly start a free call. Google can also ask for their phone number and then connect them to the advertiser.

  1. Domain Registration

You can use this smart app to set up your own website that will be hosted by one of Google’s partners for a mere $10 a year. Your domain will come fully configured with Google applications like personalized Gmail, Google Calendar, instant messaging or online document editing. A neat tool for establishing your online presence.

  1. Google Correlate

This interesting tool can trace patterns within data samples you provide it. It’s actually part of Google Trends, and helps to see search terms that correspond to real-world trends. You can check search terms that match the pattern of the actual flu activity or see what users search for in winter.

  1. Google Mars

This one is truly remarkable. Google Mars is a geek paradise. You can have a look at a map of Mars, check spacecraft landing locations or measure crater depth. Also, you can see it all in infrared or shaded relief, allowing you to switch your vision like you would on Google Maps with satellite or map modes. Google Mars is based on public data collected during two NASA Mars missions – just great for born explorers!

These are just the tip of the iceberg – have a look around the web and you’ll discover other interesting Google products that haven’t made it to the mainstream yet.

By Mary Frenson

Mary Frenson is a Marketing Assistant at Checkdirector.co.uk, a new source of information on UK companies. Mary is always happy to share her marketing ideas and thoughts on business issues. In her free time she enjoys handicrafts.


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