9 Cool iPhoneography Apps

Ever since I got my iPhone, I shoot more photos with it than with my digital camera. There are two reasons for that. First, I carry my iPhone with me everywhere. Second, I use some fantastic iPhone photography apps which make shooting quick, easy, and, above all else, loads of fun.

I use these cool iPhoneography apps almost daily:


A better alternative to the default iPhone camera app because of its plethora of features, all of which are excellently implemented. The user interface gets a thumbs up as well.

With Hipstamatic you can make your best photos even better. It replicates classic cameras perfectly, producing some stunning results. And besides that, the user interface is one of the simplest and easiest to use I’ve encounter so far in iPhone apps.

Interlacer combines alternating lines from different photos to create a unique image. Depending on what photos you use, the result can range from a dazzling abstract creation to a multiple exposure photo. I usually end up with stunning abstract photos.


Letting you apply classic camera and film filters to your iPhone photos, CameraBag is the only filter app I use. My favorite filters are Magazine with its rich tones, Helga with its old-school look, and Lolo with its vibrant colors.

I prefer 360 Panorama over other panorama iPhone apps in the iTunes store, because of the way it builds panoramas in realtime and tags them via GPS. It’s also easy to use and great fun, like all great iPhoneography apps are.


This is not the most widely-used iPhone photo effects app, but I prefer it to the more popular ones. There are two things I really like about it: first, the extensive editing options; second, the high quality of the effects. I’ve tried a few other similar apps, and while I appreciated their many effects, I found many of those effects to be rather poor in quality. Photo fx, on the other hand, has only high-quality effects.


I have both apps installed on my iPhone, and I use them alternatively. First I got, obviously, Photoshop Express, but then I’ve heard about Photogene and grabbed it as well. Photoshop Express is solid and easy to use, and has a quick cropping tool. I find that Photogene, however, has more options for editing photos, and I especially like its exposure and color correction sliders.

Everyday reminds me to take a photo of my mug every day. It’s a nice little app that does what it says. The only thing I dislike about it is that it works with only one subject.

This little app has some remarkable focusing features that are just what I need when I want to make a photo look special. So far I haven’t found any other app that offers a better tilt-shift effect.

Give these apps a try yourself. You’ll be impressed.

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The post is contributed by Jason Phillips. Jason has hands on experience in clicking compelling shutterbugs. He is of viewpoint that being a good photographer is not easy; you have to work on angle, direction, etc. Visit his site to know more on corporate video production and video marketing.

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