8 Tips to Starting an Online Clothing Shop

The number of online shops – selling everything from books to gadgets – have increased astoundingly over the past 10 years, which is a trend seen worldwide. And the number has only continued to grow, with clothing shops topping the list of online stores. Setting one up yourself can be confusing, especially if you’ve never really had much experience with online stores.

8 Tips to Starting an Online Clothing Shop 1

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Let this guide help you. Here are 8 tips to starting an online clothing shop:

  1. Think up a unique selling point.

This should answer the question: why should I buy this product from this site? Decide on what makes your store and your products special, and let your prospective customers know about it.

  1. Come up with an unforgettable shop name.

Avoid using an online store name that’s hard to pronounce and even harder to remember – you won’t get returning customers that way. Instead, choose something relevant, but one that will definitely stick to your customers’ minds and make it easy for them to recommend to their family and friends.

  1. Study pricing.

Check out your possible competitors aka other online shops and study their prices, sales, and special offers. You’ll want to come up with a more appealing price range in order to get customers interested. There are also e-commerce tools that track inventory and generates pricing reports to help you keep track of your pricing and sales.

  1. Categorize your clothing items.

Categories divide your products neatly and make it easier for customers to find what they need. They won’t stick around if your website is hard to navigate and makes finding clothing items hard.

  1. Make your product descriptions appealing.

Consider your product description as a sales pitch to prospective customers. Highlight the notable features and provide plenty of specific details such as the materials used and measurement specifications. This will make shopping easier, and reduce the number of returns from customers dissatisfied with orders that don’t really fit their body frames.

  1. Don’t scrimp on product photos.

Product photos go hand in hand with product description, and it won’t work unless your photos are perfect. Online clothing stores need to be specific with clothes measurements, so it’s best to have a separate measurement chart. Include close ups for customers to see the type of clothing material used, and provide shots from various different angles for your target audience to completely appreciate what you’re trying to get them to buy.

  1. Offer reasonable shipping prices.

Don’t go overboard with shipping prices, as that may just put off your customers from pushing through with an order. Either figure out in advance how much shipping to varying distances is going to cost you, including packaging, or work the shipping costs into your products’ prices and offer “free shipping”.

  1. Use social media to your advantage.

Social media is great for promoting products and services, so it’s best to use this to your advantage, especially when you’re just starting out. Get your friends to help you out and get people talking by setting up your own business pages on different SNS sites.

It might take a little while before orders start coming in, so some patience is definitely a necessity once your online clothing store has been launched. The worldwide web is huge, and you will need to work hard and consistently to build a stable customer base. Good luck!

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