8 Amazing Gadgets for Quick Cleaning

Unless you’re Monica Gellar’s off-screen twin, it’s unlikely that cleaning is a part of life that you enjoy – and even less so when the sun’s shining and you’d rather be outside.

Seeing as everything else these days has its own shortcut, we thought we’d bring you the best gadgets to help revolutionise your cleaning regime: nothing fancy or bank-breaking – just easy and simple.

1. Earth Enzyme Drain Unblocker

If your shower’s beginning to turn into a bath, it’s time to get round to cleaning the plughole. If you’re fed up of using highly corrosive substances like bleach, and not keen on putting your hand in to remove the blockages, get your hands on Earth Enzyme Drain Unblocker. It works quicker than bleach, and is environmentally friendly – containing no ammonia, petrochemicals, or caustic soda.

2. Coconut Husk Barbecue and Oven Tray Scraper


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As the summer finally starts to show its face, get your barbecue into show condition with one of these grime scrapers. Made from the hard edge of a coconut shaped into a blade, they last a year, and then can be chucked onto the compost heap. Its less damaging than a metal blade, and you won’t have the dilemma of having to sharpen it – or find somewhere to dispose of it! Source

3. Shower and Window Cleaning Ecloth

Say goodbye to spraying your windows and shower in chemicals, and say hello to shiny surfaces and grime-free doors. This microfiber cloth is the ultimate shortcut for cleaning: get rid of your array of sprays, and just add water, to cut through any grease and dirt. Not only does it save you money and time, but it’s also environmentally friendly!

4. Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner

Showers aren’t the easiest, or the most enjoyable place to clean, yet one of the most important to keep sparkling. This automatic shower cleaner keeps the mildew, soap scum and limescale away at the touch of a button: hang it up, turn the shower on, and voila! A clean shower without getting soaked.



5. The Smash Can

Keeping your bin clean is vital: no one likes the smell of a full bin, or the stacked up pile of rubbish. Save yourself bin-liners, and compacting the rubbish with your bare hands with one of these nifty devices: it crushes the rubbish down, leaving you with more space, and less overflow.


6. Germ Guardian Air Sanitizer

This gadget plugs in at the wall and will help keep your home smelling fresh, as well as stopping airborne germs from spreading. The Germ Guardian uses UV-C light to kill viruses, bacteria and mould spores.


7. Cyber Clean

Anything that has nooks and crannies is likely to be tough and take lots of time to clean, like your computer keyboard for example! And that’s where Cyber Clean comes in. The elastic substance can reach into all these crevices and remove all dust, dirt and germs – where regular dusters may struggle to reach. It leaves no residue, uses no chemicals, is 100% bio-degradable, and won’t send a cloud of dust into the air after use!

8. LG Hom-Bot

Desperate enough to get out of vacuuming that you’ll part with just under a grand? Get your hands on one of LG’s robotic cleaning devices: the Hom-Bot. It’s programmed to flick around your house, vacuuming everything up, while you sit and watch. It’s a nifty little device, and the more it vacuums your house, the better it will get: it learns the most efficient route around each room, saving more and more power every time.



Written by Amanda Stockhill who works for green cleaning company Ecocleen who offer eco-friendly cleaning services and solutions.

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