7 Signs Your Business Need a Major Tech Overhaul

Your business is important to you, and as a small business owner it is likely your primary source of income. So why are you putting your livelihood in jeopardy over something as basic as keeping up with tech advances? Here are seven signs that your company needs a real technology overhaul.

7 Signs Your Business Need a Major Tech Overhaul

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You Are Still Paying for Expensive Software

Why would you pay for expensive, clunky software? There are newer, more integrated apps that will do the same jobs for half the price. From conference calls, to accounting and payroll, there are cheap online options that are far more effective.

Your Employees Are Using Their Phones More Than Your Computers

A clear sign that your computers and equipment is out of date is when your employees pull out their smartphones to do simple tasks instead. Especially those related to work. You should have the same tools available to them.

Your Clients or Affiliates Ask to Connect Apps You Don’t Have

Are you being sent links to apps you have never heard of, or don’t have? Are they making important business decisions in project management or team management apps you aren’t signed up with? Time to change that.

Your Customers Are Asking For Something You Don’t Have

“I really wish you guys took PayPal.” “All this time, and you still don’t integrate with Google Drive?” Your customers want modern options. In a world with easily integrated API, you have no excuse for denying them.

Your Network is Running Slow

Companies like Bedrock IT, an IT services in Ottawa, can help your business by offering tailored technical support. This can help save your company time and money as you won’t have to pay for an in house IT department. They will also be able to service your computer systems and keep them from running too slow.
You Haven’t Updated Security Properly

When was the last time you did a major security overhaul? That doesn’t mean an occasional check with an anti-virus. New technology is safer, and more secure, both for yourself and your customers.

You Still Aren’t Automated

There are so many tasks out there that can become automated. And really, do you want to spend your time and energy doing it yourself? You may also be able to cut down on man hours spent doing unnecessary tasks.

Update Your Tech!

Not updating your tech could put your business at risk. Not to mention, annoy your customers, and lose you valuable connections with other companies. So update, before you start to feel that burn!

By Lizzie Weakley


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