7 Online Tools That Will Boost Your Productivity. Optimize your workflow with some of today’s top web platforms.

Sure, there are plenty of online tools out there to limit your productivity. Between Facebook and Netflix, it’s easy to lose hours out of your day. But did you also know that there are also plenty of tools out there to significantly boost your productivity? Whether you need a little help with your accounting, communications systems, or customer service, here are seven tools that can help you streamline your day.


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  1. Get your personal finances in order with Mint

Created by Intuit, Mint is one of the best financial multi-tools out there. Its features include budgeting, credit checks, and customized financial tips. Plus, you can link multiple accounts to your file, making it easy to see everything in one place. Included in Mint’s platform is also Mint Bills, which helps you to stay on top of your payments. Oh, and did we mention it’s free?

  1. Get connected with Zoom

Like Skype or other web-based conferencing systems, Zoom is capable of video chat, phone calls, and instant messaging. But unlike other systems, Zoom genuinely has some superior quality as far as its user-friendliness and not being prone to bugs. Plus, screen sharing is made possible across devices, group chats are easily started, and they offer cloud recording features. It’s definitely worth the meager fee, especially if you’re going to use it company-wide.

3.Get structured with NEON Constituent Relationship Manager (CRM)

Particularly helpful to those working in the non-profit sector, NEON is a budget-friendly and versatile system to handle your constituent data. NEON can handle everything from event ticketing, donations and memberships, web store purchases, and volunteer management. If you can dream it, NEON can probably do it. And even if they can’t, just shoot an email to their tech staffers and they’ll find a solution.

  1. Get organized with Asana

For project managers and day-to-day delegators, Asana will be a time-saver. You can track project progress, assign tasks, build your to-do list, and hold brainstorming sessions, all on one platform.

  1. Get interactive with Zendesk

Zendesk helps you to optimize your communications from emails to social media, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks and that your customers have a positive experience getting in touch with you. You can also enable chat support for customers who can’t make it to the phone. While Zendesk is ideal for interacting with your customers, many companies are choosing to use it internally as well. For example, employees can create IT request tickets when they need extra help resolving a problem.

  1. Get global with Amara

Looking for a way to make your videos accessible to more people worldwide? Then look no further than Amara. Amara’s platform lets you upload your videos that you’d like to see translated. Then other users around the world are able to create transcripts for you in the languages they know, free of charge. Amara also offers professional solutions like captioning, translation, and subtitling.

  1. Get stylin’ with Prezi

For those of you who are tired of the sale old PowerPoint slideshows, Prezi can offer a much-needed upgrade. Rather than the traditional slide boxes of yesteryear, Prezi offers a seamless canvas that can easily show relationships between slides and big ideas. Their templates won’t bore, either. Keep your audience engaged with a Prezi masterpiece.

These are just seven of some of the greatest online tools to help boost your productivity, but there are plenty more out there. If you can identify your needs, chances are there’s a web tool for them. It’s just a matter of finding it and doing a little research before you commit.

Monique Craig is a blogger and an employee at Oneflare, a reliable online marketplace connecting Australians with local businesses. In her free time, Monique enjoys reading self-improvement books and learning more about new technologies and strategies that allow businesses to grow and expand.


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