7 Essential Tips to Boost Your Android Battery Life

Present day smartphone devices are equipped with more battery power to stay for m=longer time. Still, you need to follow certain steps to avoid battery drain. Let’s discuss 7 essential tips to boost your Android battery life.

Turn off Wi-Fi & Bluetooth: If you are using Wi-Fi frequently to send and receive data and to access network for other tasks then it may cause a significant battery drain. Keeping Wi-Fi radio on regularly, even when you don’t use it, can consume a lot of battery as it keeps on sniffing out for networks nearby. Try to toggle off Wi-Fi when you are not going to use it for some time. It will help you to save some device battery. For easy and frequent access, you can create a Wi-Fi widget on your device.

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Apart of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth is one major utility which you use extensively to share data and for other work. If you are using Wi-Fi with a hands-free headset or with the wireless speaker or activity tracker it will consume a lot of device resources. If you are not using Bluetooth actively try to toggle off Bluetooth to save some device resources and battery.

Manage screen timeout & brightness: This simple trick will prove battery saver for Android. All smartphone devices offer different time sets to help you manage screen timeout. In simple terms, your device screen will be lit until the selected time for screen timeout. You can turn off this setting by heading to device settings to find screen timeout feature. Try to keep it shortest as possible to save some battery instantly. Alternatively, you can press power button to turn screen off.

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Apart of screen timeout, you can also manage your device screen brightness to save some device resources. It’s ok to use more brightness in sunlight or in highly lit areas but try to keep it as low as possible to save some battery. You can also keep it on auto brightness mode for easy access.

Manage location services and GPS: Lot of apps on your device access location services and GPS to give you more accurate results and services. You can use these services while using Map services or for specific reasons but keeping them active all the time will end up in battery drain. It is also useful for security reasons as many apps on your device keeps on monitoring your activities using GPS & location services.

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Turn off apps running in the background: This is one major cause of battery drain on your device as lot of apps & services keeps on running in the background consuming RAM and CPU. Many of these apps keep on running even when you are not using them actively. Thus, you can stop all such apps & services running in the background to boost your Android battery life. To do this, go to Settings > Application Manager > Running Apps and stop them instantly.

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Avoid Vibration: Keeping phone on vibration mode all the time consume more device resources than a simple ringtone for call or message alert. When you keep your device on ringtone mode it requires making a small membrane in phone speaker enough to produce sound but in vibration, mode motors rotate a small weight to make your device shake. Thus, it consumes lot of resources. If you don’t get disturbed with ringtone, then prefer it to vibration mode.

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Power Saving mode: Use power-saving mode on your device to effectively boost your Android battery life. It will stop all unnecessary and battery draining services on your device. It is one effective feature that may help you increase your battery life instantly.

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Avoid live wallpapers: Live wallpapers & special effects may look good on your device but these features consume lot of battery on your device. These features get activated every time you turn on your device screen. Turn off all such features on your device to boost battery life.

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You can try these effective steps to immediately boost your Android battery life. Apart from these steps, you can also try using battery saver apps for instant and effective results. These apps are meticulously designed to stop all battery draining services on your device to boost battery life. Increased battery life will help you perform numerous tasks for more time on your device.

Summary: Changing your behavior while using a smartphone can help you increase your device battery life significantly. Let’s discuss few tips to boost your Android battery life.

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