7 Cool Bicycle Gadgets

Biking is a great way to reduce stress and stay in shape. Therefore, it is paramount that, apart from other forms of exercise, we include biking in our daily workout routines. Thanks to new technological advancements there are now gadgets which can make our biking experience more enjoyable, comfortable and easy. In order to help you make your biking trips better, we have singled out a couple of great gadgets that you can opt for.

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Safety first

We all know that safety is paramount on the road, and therefore it’s important to have all the protection you can get before going out for a ride. Apart from the usual knee and elbow guards, you should consider investing in a wireless turn signal. This way, you will be able to signal other bicycle and car drivers. Additionally, make sure to buy LED lights for your wheels if you want to feel safer during evening bike rides.

Bicycle GPS

Buying a GPS system for your bicycle is great if you ever find yourself in a new city. This will help you explore it, or make new interesting cycling routes. This gadget is easily attached to your bicycle bars and helps you navigate with the help of a phone app which is free to install. Some of the apps that you can use to navigate are Strava and MapMyRide.

Be heard

Cyclists rarely have the upper hand in traffic which means that they have to be clearly visible and heard while they are riding their bikes in traffic. Thanks to a loud bike horn they won’t have to fret anymore. This horn can produce a sound as loud as 96-decibel. It comes with an easily installed light. The button for honking the horn can be placed anywhere on the handlebars which is extremely practical for situations where you need to act in a matter of seconds.

Record videos while cycling

We all love taking pictures when we go for a ride on our bikes, but this means that we usually have to stop and take out our phones. Now you can go for a drive and have the camera record your entire ride. It is extremely helpful and practical since it has a taillight which alerts oncoming cars. You can use it in case of unfortunate accidents to record them if you ever get into trouble with other drivers on the road.

A tight grip

People who enjoy riding bikes without gloves usually have to deal with sweaty hands and slippery bike grips. Now, thanks to this innovative gadget your hands will be firmly gripped to the handles, and you can enjoy a safer bike ride. It has additional LED lights installed in them so that you can be seen in oncoming traffic. These grips have been endorsed by the police because they represent an effective safety tool for bicycle owners.


Technological advancements have made the bike riding experience even more comfortable and safe. Electric bicycles have a built-in electric motor which can be used for propulsion. A recent line of electric bikes is a good choice because of the Bosch mid drive system the bikes come with. The Bosch system now covers city, hybrid and touring bikes. Additionally, they offer a wide range of mountain bikes as well which are perfect for cyclists who enjoy riding through forests and other rough terrain.

Illuminate the night

Have you ever wanted to ride your bike during the night but you fear that your light just isn’t bright enough? Now you can get one of the brightest bike lights on the market and have a safe ride. It will greatly improve your line of sight and will notify other drivers of your presence on the road. Not only can it shine bright – it has 5 different light modes such as focused, defocused, dimmed, spotlight and even strobelight.

As we can see there are numerous gadgets which can make our cycling experience safe and more comfortable. Have fun and stay safe on the road.

By Diana Smith


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