6 Useful Nautical Gadgets for Sailors and Ocean Adventurers

The sea is a mirror of endless possibilities. It is a rich territory that allures many people, especially the enthusiasts and the adventurous ones. There are a lot of things to discover and enjoy, like the warm sea breeze and the depth of the ocean. Exploring the ocean and traversing different islands could be very exciting, refreshing and life-changing all at once. For many, ocean adventure is a hobby or sport that makes for an unforgettable adventure and fun.


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Since the infinite and unfathomable sea is unforgiving and could be unpredictably ruthless, it is important that sailors, ocean adventurers, or those who are still planning to buy a vessel for this purpose, are equipped with hi-tech tools and gadgets to ensure safety and secured trip. Here are few gadgets sailors or ocean adventurers should not forget to check out before going out on the water.

Underwater Viewer

This is a handy, facile, crush-resistant, and easy-to-use device designed for consistent underwater readings. This innovative gadget will ensure precise and reliable water movement reading, parameter screening and other verifications at whatever condition. A dive will no longer be necessary to check out the marine life, for this gadget will allow a clear view underwater from above.

Laser Wind Sensor

Estimating wind direction and speed is very important out on the sea. This wind measurement gadget will assist sailors, or any ocean adventurer, in calculating the speed and direction of the wind at significant distances. With this device a sailor will be able optimize route and sail smoothly at maximum speed.

Speedwatch Wireless Knotmeter

This amazing invention provides sailors with definite boat speed and distance information instantaneously. This gadget involves an impeller (which can be placed under the boat) and a transmitter or sensor (which can be placed inside the boat). The transmitter will pick up the statistics and will send it to the speedwatch, wirelessly.

The Old-Timer Walkie-Talkies

Old, but hi-tech in the sense that they have proven to be very useful when phone signal is hard to come by. It has the capability to communicate long distances, as far as 7 miles, and with hundreds of channel combinations. So, this should be included in the list of must-haves.


Handy, speedy and accurate, the global positioning system provides data on location and time at whatever weather condition. Experts on technology have now developed this gadget into a more dependable device that will allow sailors to supply position information to other gadgets like iPads, iPhones and several others of more or less 30 hours of data records.


Waterproof Gadget Cases

iPhones, iPads and other gadgets could be useful at sea. With various apps available, sailors will no longer have to worry about tides and currents, route tracking, waypoints and markers, and many other essential information they need. Thus, it is important to protect these gadgets with lifeproof and waterproof cases from being wet and from shocks.

Whether you are oceangoing with a small vessel or a huge and classy cruiser, the thrill and experience could be the same, depending on the itinerary and one’s adaptability to the changing waves all throughout the journey. Extra caution and following maritime safety rules and guidelines are always the keys to a successful expedition.

Brandon Peters is an entrepreneur, writer and travel enthusiast. He is always fascinated at trying and learning new things that will allow him to go beyond his comfort zone. He also loves checking out on Tradequip.

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