6 Smart Real Estate Apps for Android Phones

Nowadays there is pretty much an app for everything out there. With the popularity of smart phones like Android devices soaring through the roof, you will find apps that let you do almost all day to day activities via or phone or tablet. And the real estate industry is part of this revolution too! As a real estate and property buyer, seller and even an agent and / or broker, there are tons of cool apps you will find for your Android phone that can help make life simpler.


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Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly used real estate apps for Android Phones today –

  1. Zillow – Zillow continues to reign among the top picks in the real estate app arena and is free of cost for Android phones. The Zillow Android app let’s you take a look at all the information for homes listed via Zillow in the United States and offers many cool features like built in GPS to look for houses as you pass through neighbourhoods, voice search facility and more. You will be able to find tons of listings for sale and rent.
  1. Magic Bricks – Looking for commercial space in office buildings in BKC? Magic Bricks for Android is an India based real estate app that lets you browse through various residential and commercial properties in the country, right on your phone itself. You will have access to the latest updates in the real estate sector as well as buy or rent various kinds of properties and lots and also look for information as per the different cities in the country.
  1. Realtor.com – The Realtor.com app for Android phones has a very high user rating and for good reason. With a humongous number of listings, this app gives users detailed information about the property in question. From flooring used to lot size, from year of construction to garden dimensions and more, details are definitely part of the USP for the app. If you do find a property you like you can contact the concerned broker via the parent website as well.
  1. Trulia – Designed for house hunting on the go, Trulia is a real estate app that has climbed the popularity charts. With its GPS capabilities you can instantly access homes for sale, rent or those that have been recently sold, near you and in your surroundings. Users can enjoy details about the houses, high resolution pictures and even helpful information about the neighbourhood they are looking at. You can also get customised alerts for changes in property prices and new listings that match your location and other criteria.
  1. Real Estate by Smarter Agent – The Real Estate by Smarter Agent app combines three impressive search criteria in one app, with its GPS functionality. You can now browse through homes for sale in the United States, apartments for rent from various rental websites and also look at homes that have been sold in the past three years and compare prices and details. All with a finger tap!
  1. Homes.com – One of the first few real estate apps to be available for different platforms, Homes.com gives you access to millions of listings for homes on sale. You can also check for home values and mortgage information via the app. They have also added a convenient mortgage calculator app to their range as well.

With smart apps like these you can continue your house hunt wherever and whenever, all you need is your smartphone and an enthusiasm to look!

Bio – Jason D is a software developer who has a love for all things technology. He loves the fact that you can find almost everything on your phone nowadays from office buildings in BKC to the latest restaurants. He is also a part-time writer for http://thecapitalbkc.com/and travelling enthusiast.

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