6 Rules for Engaging Telephone Etiquette

Because you may not have received any formal training on the proper use of telephone etiquette, you might not be aware of the rules for proper engagement in a telephone conversation. In her article, “Telephone Etiquette,” written for The Huffington Post, Lisa Mirza Grotts states, “The Golden Rule applies to telephones. Speak unto others as you would have them speak unto you.” Knowing the proper and accepted etiquette that professionals expect in a telephone conversation can lead to a more timely solution to the problem that you are facing. By following the 5 rules of etiquette listed below, you’ll be on your way to gathering the information that you need in a timely fashion.


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Rule #1-Begin the call by identifying yourself; the professional on the other end will know that you are a credible caller with a legitimate request.

Rule #2-Sit up straight with good posture when you speak on the telephone. The listener can’t see you but good posture enhances your confident manner of speaking and energizes your voice to convey clarity.

Rule #3-Let the BT Specialist know immediately the information that you need and provide them with any additional facts that can expedite their search for the number that you need. Time is of the essence when you need a business or governmental agency’s number so get to the point and be brief.

Rule #4-Have paper and pen handy so that you can record the number that they provide to you. You should repeat the information as it is given to you so there won’t be any mistakes. By writing down the number, you can access it for future reference.

Rule #5-Control your voice. You should speak clearly, with the right tone, and by using the right amount of volume so that you can be heard. Be polite, courteous, and take your time when requesting information. Good manners are always in style and elicit a more positive response from someone working on your behalf.

Rule #6-Listen attentively. It is rude to interrupt the BT Customer Service Number specialist before they finish providing you with the information that they have found. You should let them know that you are taking notes and ask them to repeat any information that you fail to get clearly. You should speak clearly and be friendly when you are making your query; don’t be too pushy or demanding when you ask for their help.

It’s also very nice to thank the specialist for their assistance and to end the conversation with a pleasant and positive statement like, “Have a nice day.” These professionals are dealing with a myriad of people every day and if you take the time to thank them for their service, this simple gesture can make their day more enjoyable. When you need help with a telephone number, professional help is just a call away. Just be sure to mind your manners and speak to them as you would like them to speak to you.

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