6 New Sport Gadgets

1. Bikeboard Pro




The BikeBoard, like the name suggests is half bike and half board. It has a front wheel and handlebars like a BMX, with a skateboard on the back!

You paddle the pavement as you would with a conventional Skateboard, only you have handlebars and a 20” front wheel to rely on to steer. Great for doing tricks on, the BikeBoard comes with alloy pegs so most of the tricks you’ve learnt on a BMX can be pulled off here to!

2. Anti-gravity Boots




These anti-gravity boots seem to defy gravity with every fun-filled step. Simply adjust the anti-gravity boot’s length to fit their feet, strapping it on right over athletic shoes! Then start bouncing bouncing across the yard like a herd of bolting gazelles!

Also designed for running and jogging, jumping, and playing, these Anti-Gravity Boots provide hours of gravity-defying fun building coordination and strength while burning calories all at the same time!

Powered by a patented technology these Anti-Gravity Boots feature heavy-duty, interchangeable T-springs that transform downward energy into a bouncing motion that is gentle on joints, muscles and bones.

3. 7 Speed KMX Karts



Combining the ruggedness of mountain bikes with the rebellious look and performance of a BMX, this kart is built to be ridden hard on all surfaces and all terrains.

Easily adjustable to cater for individual body reach and length, the sliding seat and boom allows for 8”of leg adjustment. Meaning if/when you grow, KMX can grow with you!

4. Flybar




Co-developed by celebrity pro skateboarder Andy MacDonald, An MIT trained physicist and the premiere pogo stick making company in the world the aluminum Flybar has been described as a pogo stick on steroids. The Flybar is fun, a great workout and addictive to anyone who enjoys the adrenaline rush of getting air.





How much fun can you have on three wheels? A lot actually! This Awesome product is perfect for those looking for a new sport or a great way of keeping fit. It uses a chainless propulsion system to move you forward using its patented 3CV technology. Sounds fancy doesn’t it…

6. The Rocker Kart



The rocker has a super sleek design, with metallic paint finish with flame designs, bucket seats and handbrakes and will have you racing around grinning from ear to ear! With a patented swing steering mechanism – lean left and you go left lean right and you go right – the Rocker will have you ducking and diving in and out of turns in no time! Steering is where you have all the fun!!

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