6 Eco-friendly Gadgets Every Students Should Own

Students are inclined to use technology, especially that it makes their studies fast and convenient. With technology, students can access the internet for when they are writing their essays or research papers. But technology has its cons and one of these is its bad effect to the environment. Improper energy consumption causes damage in keeping a sustainable environment for the people.


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Thankfully, corporations are more aware of their impact to the environment so they are making greener products. You should contribute too! Let us look at the best and greenest gadgets to help students with their studies:

Samsung N120 Ultralight Netbook

There is nothing more eco-friendly than a laptop certified by TCO, for its leading environmental and usability standard. This is why Samsung N120 ultralight Netbook is a great gadget for students who want to clean the nature.

Samsung N120 is slim, light and energy efficient. This device has Intel Atom 1.6 GHz N270 and runs on 1GB DDR2. It has 10.1 inch display in SuperBright WSVGA technology. With it’s specs, Samsung N120 is reliable enough to run demanding software with students who are on the go. You can try other eco-friendly laptops like the MacBook Air or Sony Vaio YB Series but the price can be too much for a student.

Sony Xperia P

Phones are definitely important for students. It is not only for communication but it has tons of applications, which students can use in their studies. It is also a great tool for quick research through Google.

If you want to switch to a greener smartphone, your best choice would be Sony Experia P. This solid, mid-sized phone, recently took the EISA green smartphone award in 2012-2013. The trend in cellphone manufacturing is leaning towards bigger screen to accommodate new applications, but this phones are harder to recycle and requires more energy to power. Xperia P strikes balance between style, functionality and eco-friendliness. It has dual-core 1GHz processor with almost 13GB of user-accessible storage for faster user.

Sprout ST Tyvek Strap

Attendance is important if students want to get better grades in school. That is why it is a must that students have their own wrist watches to be aware of the time.

Check out Sprout ST Tyvek Strap. It is a reliable wrist watch with various designs to choose from. The main feature of this gadget is its Tyvek Eco-friendly strap. It is rugged but fashionable, perfect for laid back fashion of students. The watch features corn-resin buckle, engraved bezel and natural cork dial, as well.

Brunton SolarRoll Flexible Solar Panels

What can be more environmentally friendly than a device that uses solar power to power your gadgets? Brunton SolarRoll Flexible Solar Panel is the best source of renewable energy to charge your phones, game consoles, and audio devices. It is constructed from Fluoropolymer for durability and has multiple link acess for functionality. This device is also foldable so that you can carry it anywhere. Contribute in saving the earth by patronizing renewable energy source such as Bronton Solar Roll.

Canon Pixma MP530

With so many essays and papers that students submit every term, it will save them money if they have their own Printers. Plus it is an investment they can use for future purposes.

When it comes to printing, Canon Pixma MP530 is one of the most eco-friendly printers. Other than having top of the chart quality in printing, it can also print on both sides, saving energy and paper. The printer has individual tanks for inks, too. You do not have to change the whole cartridge, just change the tank with low ink. Canon Pixma is an all in one printer, which can scan, print, copy and fax with resolution of up to 9600×2400 dpi.

Kindle E-book Reader

E-books are the solution to decrease the printing of books. According to Cleantech, in 2008, the book and newspaper industries in the US took 125 million trees to sustain. They added that the industry adds a huge impact on waste water management and carbon footprint reduction. With E-readers such as Kindle, academic books become portable and convenient to use. In addition, it saves space, waste and resources. Also, Cleantech said that buying four e-books a year helps you save 906 kilogram lesser than the 1074 kilogram of CO2 released from making the same number of books.

Students have great roles in preserving the environment. They are the future of this world, that is why they need to work hard on keeping the world safe, clean and sustainable. By changing their gadgets to these greener tools, they are not only helping Earth, they are also giving themselves a chance to get better grades in school.

Lace Wanders is a blogger, writer and a newsletter contributor. She has been since she was in college. Now, she is working as a writer for bestessays.

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