6 Cell Phone Obsessions to Break

Smartphones are great. You can keep up with e-mail on-the-go, check movie times when you’re out and about, and text practically anyone, no matter where they are in the world. All of that blue screen time takes a toll on health, though. From no longer being able to focus on important tasks to causing back and neck pain due to being hunched over the phone all day long, there are several reasons to part with your phone now and then. Here are six cell phone obsessions to kick to the curb.

1. Taking pictures of everything. Photography is great, and thanks to new technology, smartphone cameras are better than ever. However, snapping photos of every single thing you do throughout your day takes you out of the moment. Plus, most of those pictures just aren’t that interesting!

2. Checking your Instagram feed constantly. People don’t post all day long on Instagram, like they do on Twitter. If you’re only following people who are important to you, you’ll be able to see the day’s new photos even if you check just once in the evening. Regularly refreshing your Instagram feed won’t show you many new pictures, but it will waste a ton of time.

3. Checking your favorite publications a million times a day. If you have various apps for all your favorite blogs, magazines and newspapers, it can be a full-time job just keeping up with the latest articles. Instead, use an app like Flipboard to organize everything that’s important to you.

4. Checking for new texts every few minutes. Set your alerts so that new texts beep and show up as an alert on your screen. They can also appear in your notifications screen when your phone is locked. There’s no need to open up your messaging app over and over. Let your phone do the work for you!

5. Checking Facebook for new notifications. Set your phone’s “Notifications” settings to tell you when you have something new to view on Facebook. Otherwise, you’ll get sucked into people’s updates every time you check for a new message. Before you know it, an hour will have passed!

6. Stockpiling podcasts to listen to “someday.” There are so many podcasts out there that you couldn’t listen to them all no matter how hard you tried. Give each podcast a try, one at a time. If you love it, subscribe to it. If you don’t listen to it regularly, delete it instead of letting it crowd your feed.

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By Ryan

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