6 Accessories For Winter Sports Fans

When you’re a skier, a snowboarder or just someone who loves being outdoors when the temperature drops, you know the right gear can make all the difference. You want to enjoy the snow without feeling too much of its freezing effect. And you want to be comfortable and safe in all conditions.

6 Accessories For Winter Sports Fans 3

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The standard gear – snow pants, a decent jacket, snow boots and hats – will serve you well. But you may also benefit from a few extra accessories to really enhance your winter sports experience.

Whether you’re planning to hit the slopes yourself this season or you’re looking for a gift for the winter sports lover in your life, take a look at our six must-have accessories for winter sports fans:

Heated Socks
When the best of the best winter woollen socks just don’t seem to keep your feet warm enough, it could be the time to invest in some heated socks. There’s a great variety out there with a variety of different battery powered options to choose from. Whether you opt for rechargeable, lithium or even battery powered heated socks controlled by your Bluetooth, you can rely on toasty tootsies no matter how low the mercury goes.

POC Receptor BUG Communication Ski Helmet

Skiers and snowboarders who put safety first will be over the moon with the POC Receptor BUG Communication Ski Helmet. Not only does it an excellent job of protecting your head should you take a tumble. It also features built-in Beats by Dr. Dre headphones which can be linked to and controlled by your smartphone. Use them to listen to music, control the volume and even answer phone calls, all while you safely slide down the slopes.

DAPX Peripheral Vision Goggles
Every winter sports fan has the same pet peeves when it comes to winter sport googles – the fact that they steam up and the fact that they limit your peripheral vision. These goggles do away with the frame entirely, giving an excellent wide-angle view, but still maintain the vent holes necessary to minimise fogging. They’re available with mirrored lenses and are as cool as they’re practical.

Touchscreen Gloves

6 Accessories For Winter Sports Fans 4
For winter sports fans who just can’t let go of their smartphone, touchscreen gloves could be just the ticket. The finger pads allow you to use your phone to your heart’s content, all without having to remove your gloves and expose your hands to the chilly winter air.

Resqski Ski Finder
Cross country skiers fond of powdery slopes will understand the unique pain of losing you ski somewhere under the snow after a fall. Finding a lost ski can take a considerable amount of time and put you in danger of triggering an avalanche as you dig around for it. However, with a Resqki sensor on each ski and a handy credit-card-sized device you can use radio frequency technology to locate your missing ski, even if its 30 metres away and one metre down.

GoPro Hero5
Whatever winter-based activity you’re doing, capture all of the thrills and spills with the GoPro Hero5. This state-of-the-art model is waterproof and comes with noise reduction features. However, the features that mark it out from earlier models include touch display, auto-upload to the cloud, video stabilisation and voice control. It’s the must have camera for winter sports aficionados who want to remember and share their experiences on the slopes.

The right kit stands you in good stead for a comfortable, safe and memorable winter on the slopes. Whether you’re looking to keep warm, stay connected or capture those amazing memories, there’s a gadget or winter sports accessory to do just that.

Savannah Wardle works at Datastical. She is an experienced traveller who loves winter sports and mountains. Whenever not working, she’s at the slopes in the US, Asia or Europe. She’s also interested in photography and film-making.



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