5 Ways Video Gaming Can Change The World

Video gaming might be passed off as a time-wasting hobby by many, but it’s far from that. In fact, video gaming can change the world. Here are 5 ways in which it is doing just that.


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  1. Development of new technology

One of the main drives for video gaming is always to provide a better experience for the player. This means working on better graphics, which gives us new systems created just for making those graphics or displaying them. It means going 3D, something that became available on handheld systems and is now spreading to televisions and other devices. It means creating virtual reality headsets, which are a whole new way of experiencing the world. All of these instances of new technology have significantly changed the way that we live and consume entertainment. One of the most recent advances has been going from making 3D models on a screen, to actually being able to make them with a 3D printer. This is a huge leap forward and has applications in medicine as well as production. There are lots of technological developments that would not have been possible without video gaming.

  1. Learning new skills

When you play a video game, you are not just entertaining yourself, but also increasing your skills. Hand-eye coordination is something that is always mentioned with gaming, but there are other things too. If you have ever played as part of a group, you are learning teamwork skills. Those who become guild leaders or chiefs are learning management skills which could stand them in good stead in the workplace. You can also learn patience, and social skills from playing games where you can communicate with other gamers. You also learn about milestones and goal setting, and the power of working hard for a goal. This is all applicable in real life, so video gaming could be producing the leaders and thought groups of the future, making our workforce more effective.

  1. Creating new industries

Gaming has become a huge industry, raking in more money than even Hollywood, thanks to the rapid consumption of games. Younger generations especially see gaming as a normal and even necessary pastime, and will game with friends as part of their social life. This means a whole wealth of jobs available within the industry, as well as an economic contribution which is seriously huge. If the video gaming industry collapsed tomorrow, it would have a global financial effect. That is a big change that can be felt the whole world round, and it’s a positive one at present, with more people able to support themselves doing a job that they enjoy.

  1. Changing cultures

In past days, we would celebrate film stars and athletes. Now, the digital revolution is seeing gamers come to the fore. Gamers are some of the highest-earning celebrities in the world, particularly gaining revenue from sites like YouTube and sponsorships. This is a big cultural shift and recognises that we are rewarding different attributes. In turn, this has a huge impact on our culture, making gaming more acceptable and more respectable.

  1. Creating equality

Where can a woman earn respect for doing exactly what a man could? In video gaming, where female participation has traditionally been low. This is now changing, with more females playing than ever before, and it’s a great shift. Attitudes towards women could undergo the same cultural shift that we see in gaming in general, with no reason for women to be outperformed by men in the world of gaming.

So there you have it – video gaming really can change the world, and it’s doing it right now!

Sophia Mest is a Content Manager at BizDb, where she aspires to put her writing passion into practice and spread her words across the world. She spends her free time travelling and exploring the wonders of nature. Follow her on Twitter @MestSophia

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