5 Vacuums That Really Suck (like They Should)

Every few years, vacuum manufacturers claim to have invented a vacuum cleaner that utilizes a new technology which will revolutionize cleaning in the home. Finding out how the vacuums on the market today actually stack up with one another involves more than looking at the technology at work on the inside, however. Consumers must take into account the cost of the vacuum, the noise which it produces, and just what model is best suited for their cleaning needs. Some people need to tackle both floors and carpets. Others need to be able to take on weeks of accumulated pet hair while others are concerned about sand and pressed-in dirt. Taking all of these factors into consideration will allow you to get a great vacuum without sucking dry your finances.


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A Trusted Name in Appliances

The Kenmore Intuition 31100 enjoys a nice spot at the top of the rankings. This vacuum features an upright, bagged design. At only $260, the Intuition is designed to achieve maximum airflow. The increase in internal circulation provides plenty of power for doing additional cleaning jobs around the house where the situation may not be ideal for achieving suction. It works well on floors and carpets, and it is also suited for cleaning upholstery or drapes. The Intuition is a versatile cleaning machine that is backed by the performance record and support of Kenmore.

Going Bagless

Many customers prefer the bagless route for vacuum cleaners in order to avoid emptying the unit after every cleaning session. The Hoover WindTunnel T Series Rewind delivers bagless technology at a surprisingly low price. The Hoover WindTunnel costs a mere $130. For this price, you get a machine that can move between carpets and floors with ease, minus the added expense of having to replace bags or bag liners. In the past, Hoover vacuums had the small disadvantage of constantly needing small, expensive replacement parts. However, the WindTunnel has remedied this concern by streamlining the design and eliminating small redundancies in engineering that could lead to expensive repairs.

Investing in Industrial Strength

The Dyson DC28 Animal tops the list in price. Spending $600 on a vacuum cleaner is no small matter, but customers can find comfort in knowing that it is likely to be one of the last vacuum cleaners that they will ever buy. The Animal rarely breaks down, and repairs for the Dyson animal are easily done and inexpensive. This model excels in cleaning carpets and any other surface that is extremely soiled. People with multiple pets should definitely take this monster of a vacuum cleaner into consideration before making a final purchase. The Animal also incorporates smart technology to make cleaning jobs faster and more thorough. On-board sensors allow the vacuum to detect the height of the carpet and automatically adjust for the best performance.

On the Light Side

Those of us with a tight budget will find the Dirt Devil Featherlite to be the right choice. This bagless unit only costs $50. People living in apartments or merely searching for a light, portable cleaner to tackle car floorboards will love this Dirt Devil. It only weighs 13 pounds, but it still delivers exceptional cleaning power. It will tackle stairs with no problem. The only drawback is the Featherlite’s slightly loud running noise.

Movement is Key

Kenmore makes another valuable contribution with the Progressive. This canister vacuum is an upright design that will cost you $300. The Progressive stands out among other uprights designs by offering exceptional maneuvering capabilities. The majority of canister-style vacuums are ideal for floors as opposed to carpets. However, the Progressive excels on either surface.

Cindy Lawson owns a housecleaning business and is a regular reviewer of the best vacuum cleaners at Best Choice Reviews.

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