5 Travel Gadgets That Will Make Your Trip a Lot More Enjoyable

There are two types of travellers – those who pack light and those who pack heavy. The first group loves to travel with as few things as possible so they can get the feel of an adventure without being burdened by heavy backpacks and suitcases, and the second one packs everything they could possibly need in order to avoid any unpleasant situations.

Regardless of which group you belong to, there are some items and gadgets that are too cool to miss out on. Whether you are going camping in the woods or visiting some tropical paradise, we have a travel gadget for you.

Solar chargers

If you are packing a lot of electronics, having one or two solar chargers will enable you to use them the whole time. Sure, if you are not venturing far from your hotel, your batteries will probably last for as long as needed. However, if you are going somewhere remote, it is always better to have this gadget by your side just in case your smartphone battery needs recharging.


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Reading books or magazines during a long trip is always a great way to kill time, but if you want to bring more than one book with you, storing them could be a huge hassle. This is where Kindle becomes very helpful. Chances are that you have already heard of this little gadget, but if you haven’t, let us give you a brief explanation. Kindle is basically a tablet, but just for reading books. You can store hundreds of them on it and because there are no other things to drain your battery, it will serve you for a long, long time.

See-through tent

This gadget is not on our list because it is practical or beneficial, but simply because it’s cool. A see-through tent is a great addition to your camping equipment and it will allow you to experience wilderness in a completely new way. As you can tell from its name, this tent is completely transparent and you can clearly see the outsides. For some, this might be too spooky, but if you can overcome the fear, you will be able to enjoy the stars until you fall asleep without having to spend the night outside your tent.

Wireless headphones

If you travel a lot, then you already know how troubling it can be to manage all the cords from your phone charger, camera charger, laptop charger, etc. Wireless charging will come soon, but until then, we have to settle for what we have. Even though you can’t ditch all of the cables, you can buy wireless headphones and enjoy your music without having to worry about catching the headphone wire on a branch while you hike through a forest. On top of that, they are very practical and easy to use. Just connect them to your smartphone via Bluetooth and you are good for the next 12 hours at least.

Portable gaming console

If you are not much of a reading person, but you still have time to kill during your trip, you should consider buying a portable gaming console. Recently, Nintendo has come out with the Switch and they are promising premium gaming on this portable device. Nintendo is also offering 3DS and 2DS portable consoles, which are a bit weaker than the Switch but have great games nonetheless. Additionally, Sony has its PlayStation Vita, which is a lot of fun and has some great titles in its library. Keep in mind that these devices drain the battery fast, so don’t plan on gaming through your whole 12-hour flight.

By Diana Smith


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