5 Tips for Buying a Camera Case

If you’re a photographer on the move, a camera case is one of the most important things you can buy. You’ll need something strong and stylish as you wander through birthdays, weddings and African safaris.

But what if you’ve never purchased a camera case before? What criteria should you use to make your decision? Here are just a few ideas.

1. Price

Never go shopping without a budget in mind. Camera cases can range from simple and affordable to high-tech and expensive, so if you only have so much money to spend, you might have to sacrifice your “dream case” for one that functions well enough “right now.”

2. Compartments

Does your camera come with a lot of parts? Or maybe you carry around a bunch of extra photography equipment in addition to your Nikon. If being able to transport all of your gear in a single case is important to you, make sure you find something with a lot of storage.

3. Durability

You can’t afford split seams when you’re hauling your camera across a frozen mountain. Look for a camera case made of strong materials like ballistic nylon. You’ll also want something waterproof, shock-proof and airtight.

4. Size

In addition to buying a case that’s the right size for your camera, you’ll also need to consider things like airline carry-on restrictions. The affordability of your case can easily be offset by extra luggage fees that you didn’t consider during the original purchase.

5. Warranty

If you aren’t satisfied with your case, you’ll want the option of returning or exchanging it. Make sure the product warranty covers both possibilities. Also make sure you aren’t liable for things like shipping charges to send it back. Always read the fine print of a warranty before purchasing something.

These are just five things to keep in mind when browsing camera cases. At the end of the day, only you know what you really need, so take your time and choose what feels best. You don’t want to buy a case now and regret it later.

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