5 Things That Could Be Causing Your Computer to Run Slowly

Just because your computer is moving at a snail’s pace doesn’t mean it is time to upgrade to a new machine. A slow computer is often the result of minor issues that can easily be taken care of by the owner or an IT specialist. Read ahead for a look at five things that could be slowing down your computer and what you can do to fix them.

5 Things That Could Be Causing Your Computer to Run Slowly

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It Is Time to Reboot

Completely rebooting the system is the first thing you should try when your computer has begun to slow down. A full reboot will reset the OS and allow the computer to once again allocate its resources to new programs that are opened up. Unless the computer needs to update or carry out some other important task, it is best to shut it down at the end of every day.


Bloatware is the colloquial name given to software that comes pre-installed on a computer. Some of this software might be used regularly, but many people will find themselves dealing with dozens of unwanted programs. Deleting these programs entirely will free up RAM and space on the hard drive.

 The Hard Drive Is Full

A computer can essentially go into a state of shock when the hard drive is almost full. Errors might begin to occur and the computer will struggle to carry out even basic commands. If your computer’s hard drive is more than 85 percent full, then it is time to start deleting files you no longer need.

Unnecessary Startup Items

Every computer has a list of programs that will start automatically as soon as the device is powered up. Any programs that are not vital to the computer’s initial operations should most likely be removed from the list of startup software. The only exception to this would be software you must begin using immediately such as a program for work.


It is an unfortunate fact that almost everyone will deal with malware at some point. In most cases, malware can be removed with nothing more than a basic anti-virus program. With more severe infections, however, you might need to seek out an IT technician to protect your computer and private information.

There are few things that are as frustrating as mind-numbingly slow technology. If you have already carried out these steps and continue to have problems with your computer, then it is time to contact a specialist, such as Ottawa managed services, to see if the entire system is ready to be replaced.

By Kara Masterson

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