In today’s world that runs on technology and increasingly relies on it in order to function smoothly, tech devices such as phones and computers help us connect, communicate, and keep up with relevant news and opportunities all around us and at all times. So important are they to everyday life that they have almost become extensions of our actual selves.

However, apart from these more familiar devices, there are many other electronic gadgets out there that many people have not even heard of that can prove not only convenient but even necessary in getting the most out of their day to day lives.

1. Cell Phone Signal Booster

While the smartphones we carry around with us, and sometimes even have a hard time mentally disconnecting from, have acquired an almost limitless capacity for entertainment in recent years, they fulfill very important purposes, such as staying connected with others and remaining in the loop in regards to vital information. However, these essential functions, as well as those less so, rely on good internet connections in order to function at their best capacity, if even at all.

Thus, a cell phone signal booster serves a vital purpose than can be all to easily overlooked, as not only can it provide faster access to entertainment but provide a secure connection via encryption and ensure that you can always be reachable during emergencies in particular and present for all important situations in general.

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2. Mugs That Don’t Spill

As is prone to happen all too often, we can accidentally spill a cup of coffee on our clothes or electronic devices on the way to work or at home. This seemingly small inconvenience can lead to bigger headaches down the line. For example, spilling liquids on and staining good clothes can hurt first impressions and presentability, which can affect employment opportunities and social mobility.

Therefore, mugs that are designed not to fall over can be a worthwhile investment, perhaps even more so than those designed to keep beverages warm, which are more recognized yet decidedly less essential.

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3. Portable Espresso Maker

Coffee consumption is ubiquitous and almost symbolic of the hustle and bustle of modern life for which we crave caffeine to help stay awake and alert as we work or study. Having that extra cup can also have a positive psychological effect, providing a familiar boost when confronted with lots of stress.

However, we may not always have the time to brew fresh coffee at home or the money to purchase it day in and day out from places like Starbucks. For this reason, a device that makes espresso for you on the spot can provide a pick me up when you really need it but a coffee machine or coffee shop are not available to you.

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4. Portable Water Purifier

Apart from beverages like coffee and tea, the simple necessity of clean drinking water is essential not only for daily life but life itself. When clean drinking water is not readily available, however, particularly in places with fewer resources or investment, there is a greater risk of potentially ingesting toxic chemicals and substances, which in the long term can affect your health negatively.

For this reason, having a portable water purifier can be a life-saver during travels or when one is otherwise not able to be at home or otherwise within access to the more familiar commercial water purifiers out there.

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5. Nighttime Lighting System

Whether for recreation or for sport, those who bike or engage in other sports or activities during the night can be at greater risk for accidents due to the naturally reduced visibility. There are lights available on vests and other articles of clothing to help people see one another in the dark when driving or doing other activities, but even this may not always be enough, as accidents can happen even in broad daylight and under ideal conditions and circumstances.

For this, a lighting system that follows your head movements to illuminate the area of the direction of your gaze can help provide much-needed visibility when you need it, which could potentially save your life and that of someone else.

We rely on such essential tools like telephones every day. Still, there are many devices out there that fulfill unsung functions yet aren’t as recognized for their true importance and potential. Those listed previously are just some of many out there.

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By Regina Thomas

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