5 Successful Tech Companies Founded By Women

The technology industry has always been male dominated. While women account for half of America’s workforce, they make up only a fourth of the technology field. However, just because they are small in number does not mean that women aren’t making major contributions. While plenty of women hold high-level positions in major companies such as Yahoo and Bing, these five women have truly broken the Google Glass ceiling, founded their own businesses and made a lot of money in the process.

License: Creative Commons Link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/geomangio/3370032902
License: Creative Commons
Link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/geomangio/3370032902

Eileen Gittens – Founder of Blurb

While trying to compile a book of her photos, Eileen Gittens was frustrated by the difficult process of book publishing. She created Blurb to help up and coming authors, bloggers and photographers like herself. Anyone can import their text in a PDF format or transfer files from their Instagram account to create professional quality books. Blurb also has an online store where authors can sell their work and establish a fan base beyond family and friends.

Caterina Fake – Flickr, Hunch

Flickr is the premier photo sharing website on the net. One of the first platforms to allow amateur photographers to make professional looking portfolios, Flickr has become an invaluable resource to web designers and bloggers as well. Users can even sell their work. After selling Flicker to Yahoo for a whopping $35 million, founder Caterina Fake founded Hunch.com, which she sold to e-Bay in 2011.

Dr. Vivienne Ming – Socos

In addition to practicing neuroscience at UC Berkley, Dr. Vivienne Ming is the founder and CEO of Socos, an education consulting business which uses computer models to analyze student data and helps teachers cater to their students’ strengths and weaknesses. Through her work, Dr. Ming has collaborated with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the White House Office of Science and Technology. Dr. Ming is currently developing software that can serve as an alternative to standardized testing and hopes to evolve Socos into a direct provider of technology in 2013.

Laura Fitton – Pistachio Consulting, oneforty

When Twitter was still just a forum for adolescent girls to tell Justin Bieber how much they love him, Laura Fitton was busy figuring out a way to use the microblogging network to make money. In 2008, Fitton founded Pistachio Consulting and published “Twitter for Dummies” to help businesses do just that. The project evolved into oneforty, a community to share and rate social networking apps for monetary gain. Fitton recently sold the company to HubSpot, for which she is now the inbound marketing specialist.

Brooke Moreland – Fashism

Brooke Moreland is trying to help women solve an age old mystery: What to wear? Instead of asking their fashion challenged boyfriends and roommates, women now have the entire Internet at their disposal thanks to Fashism. Before stepping out the door, you can take photos of yourself in different outfits and post them on Moreland’s website where you will receive feedback from a community of consumers and fashion gurus. Fashism is an excellent way to learn about new products and evolving trends in the beauty and fashion industries.

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