5 Special Considerations If Constructing Near Waterways

Areas like the Pacific Northwest receive plenty of moisture during the year that carries potential contaminants straight into their vulnerable network of waterways. Below are five things to consider before beginning a construction project near a waterway.

Answering Pollution Concerns

Waterways team with life both in and around the water. The EPA and local commissions go to great lengths to ensure pollution stays at a minimum. Residential and business construction projects have to address possible problems with environmental pollution in any form. Have waste management, sewage, and chemical storage designed in a way that meets the expected and required levels of environmental protection.

Drainage and Waterway Impacts

Chemical leaching into nearby waterways due to drainage is one of the biggest issues faced in keeping waters clean. Chemical infiltration can damage the health of fish, birds, wildlife, and eventually end up in the water tables used for human consumption. Incorporate the use of quality engineering design to contain drainage and send it to the sewage system, taking it far away from the open waterways. The use of French drains and adequate drainage fields will control and filter the water in safe ways.

Foundation Support and Soil Stability

Soil that is near waterways may not have the same stability as property farther away. Soil stability testing can help make critical decisions in creating the right foundation for your building. You do not want to find out at the end of a project that the soil will not hold the weight of the building materials, vehicles, equipment, and other specifics.

Erosion Control Methods

Soil erosion happens in every corner of the world that receives rain or snow. It is impossible to eliminate this problem, but controlling the rate and location of erosion will ensure the integrity of your structure for many years. The use of specific landscaping techniques, erosion-protective materials for hillsides and drainage ditches reduce the impact of soil erosion.

Environmentally-Friendly Design and Project Management

It is nearly imperative to involve the consultation and project management skills of an engineering expert when planning to build near waterways. You will experience little delay and unforeseen problems utilizing the experience of a firm that has handled these issues on a regular basis.

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